Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Obama to Visit Hiroshima in Late May

So Obama goes to Cuba(Cold War)  and now he's going to be the first sitting president to visit the atomic bomb site of Hiroshima? (WWII). 
Notice it doesn't say a date, just says end of late May. 
My guess is either the 27th or the 28th depending on the End Date.
He went to Cuba on 3/20  so the 69 days later would be the 27th or 28th. 
World War III=69
Remember when Obama was in Cuba we got the Belgium Attacks. 
5/27 or 5/28(End Date) to Obama's 55th bday on 8/4 is also 69 days. 
Also 5/28 is the 149th day of the year. 
JFK was born on 149th day of the year. 
Obama born on 8/4 that leaves 149 days in year. 
Lincoln died on "April Fifteenth"=149
Mckinley assassinated on 14/9. 
Skull and Bones=149

Regardless if I'm right or wrong about this, it's still pretty interesting he would go to 2 significant places in regards to 2 significant events in our history. 

Haha nevermind I should've read farther down on the article. It actually says he is scheduled to be there April 27th. They make it seem as though they it's not scheduled though in the beginning of the article. 

Barack Obama=68
Donald John Trump=68
Prince Charles=68
Pope Francis=68

The article also mentions a lot the comments from Ben Rhodes. 

Obama will be accompanied by "Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe"=149
Abe just reminds me of Abe Lincoln as well. 
May Twenty Seventh Two Thousand Sixteen=161
American Civil War=161

8/6/16 will be the 71st anniversary of the Bombing.  Interesting because 8/6 is the 219th day this year. 
I've mentioned the 219 a lot to the Pope and Warriors. 

Nice picture of the Bomb they give us as well.  It looks a lot like an Eyeball to Me? 

Also got a 1:45 video or also 105 seconds. 
Chicago Illionis=145 (Obama)

They also make sure to let us know his trip is not about an Apology. 
Hiroshima Apology=191
Society of Jesus=191
Black Panther Party=191
James Garfield died on "September Nineteenth"=91
He was also born on "November Nineteenth"=91
Ghostbusters II=191  

Remember Ghostbusters II said the World would end on Valentines Day 2016.  Just interesting 5/27 is 103 days also 3 months 13 days later. 
Pope Francis became pope on 3/13. 
9/19 also leaves 103 days in the year. 

7/9 is the 191st day this year.  
Garfield died 79 days after being shot. 

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