Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Back to Back Royalty Themes Connected to All 4 teams left. Date Numerology Info and how it may be applied.

As I was sitting at work today, I realized that all 4 NBA teams left have connections to Prince/Royalty Theme and also Back to Back theme. Some stronger than others but still interesting. 

Toronto Raptors were the host of the NBA All Star Game which the Back to Back theme connects to, or at least I noticed it right before the All Star week. 

Of Course Drake has the song Back to Back and a big Raptors Fan. 

Raptors=107=King Charles

Also not sure if anyone has really mentioned it but  with all of the 6, 66, 666 coding it makes a little more sense as to why Toronto is still involved.  Toronto is The Six. 

OKC of course has Russell Westbrook who was the Back to Back NBA All Star Game MVP.  Then Prince(Singer) was at the Warriors Vs OKC game.  

Warriors of course connected to Back to Back because they won last year.  Then Prince being at the game on 3/3.  Prince died 49 days later age 57 on 4/21. 
Warriors have only lost 4 playoff games so far.  The first on the day Prince died 4/21.  Then on 5/7 a lot like the age Prince died at. 
3/3 to 5/7 is 65 days. 
Philadelphia=65  (Warriors used to be from Philadelphia)

Cavaliers connected to Back to Back because of Gematria. 
Back to Back=69
Cleveland Cavaliers=69
Cavaliers also followers of King Charles in English Civil War. Of course Lebron James is King James as well. King James I was King Charles I's father, King James II was King Charles I's son. 

I've also been to really try and look back at some of the old games and figure out how exactly many of the aspects fit in and see what happens every time and what does not. 

Today 5/23/16   had a date numerology of 44 and 64. 
The only days during the NBA season so far with 44 and 64 dates were:

Toronto lost every game they played this season that landed on these dates except for 2 games.  The Game against Cleveland on 2/26 and now the game tonight on 5/23. 

Cleveland won every game they played on these dates except they lost the 2 games to Toronto. 

5/23 also the 144th day.   "Forty Four"=144 

2/26 to 5/23 is 2 months 27 days. 

Tomorrow's game has date numerology of 45, 65. (Prince)
Season dates with this numerology were: 


Warriors lost to Lakers on 3/6 and Lost to Twolves on 4/5. 
OKC won every game they played on these dates except for the loss to Warriors on 2/27. 
Interesting tomorrow's game   2/27 to 5/24 is 2 months 27 days. 

227 the 49th prime number.  Warriors=49
I'm thinking Warriors win tomorrow. But who knows considering 227 also connected to Pi and Cycles and Circles and since both teams have won on these dates maybe it's going to be the opposite of the last time they played. 
They first played each other on 2/6.
2/6 to 5/24 is 108 days.   Golden State Warriors=108

Really trying to go back and analyze some of these games. The game on 5/21/16=42  the Raptors won as well.  If you go back and look Cavs won every game on these date numerology's and Raptors lost 2 times.  
To the "Celtics"=26  Raptors stayed on 48 wins. 
Boston Celtics=48
Other game they lost was to "San Antonio Spurs"=62   The Spurs game was on 4/2. A total score of 197 points. Raptors stayed on 51 wins.  A total tribute to Lebron=197(Jewish) Prince=197(Jewish) Lebron James=42, 51
Spurs also got 39th home win.  "Spurs"=39 

So why did Raptors win on 5/21 with a 42? 
Especially on the 142nd day of the year. 
Forty Two=142

Using this Logic the Next Cavs Raptors game is on 
5/25/2016   so 46 and 66. 
Tor won 102-91 to Lakers-  Cavs didn't play. 
Neither played. 
Tor won 108-95 to 76ers -  Cavs didn't play
Cavs won(33rd win) 114-106  to Pistons- Tor didn't play
Cavs won 120-100 to Kings.   Tor won 103-89 to Pistons
Both Cavs and Raptors 51st game. Cavs 37th win.  Raptors=35 got 35th win. 
2/8 to 5/25 is 107 days.   Raptors=107 
Tor loss 101-114 to Pistons. Cavs lost 99-113 to Wizards 
- to 5/25 is 2 months 27 days. 
Cavs lost 106-103 to Grizzlies.  Cavs stayed on 44 wins.  Tor didn't play. 
Neither played. 
Cavs lost 123-109 to Pacers. Cavs stayed on 56 wins  Pacers got 42nd win.  Lebron didn't play.   Tor didn't play.
Indiana Pacers=114   
Tor won 102-99 to Pacers in Game 5. Cavs didn't play
117th day of the year.  "Toronto"=117 
Tor won 96-92 to Heat in Game 2.  Cavs didn't play. 
We will see. 

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