Thursday, May 12, 2016

Injured Hands in NBA Games on 5/11.

I noticed in tonight's game's they were putting emphasis on Injured hands. 

If you watch the Heat game it seems weird. Deng just all the sudden goes out with 5:09 in the 3rd and wasn't holding his hand/arm or anything. Then he leaves the game for good. 
The 5:09 is interesting because he wears # 9. 

Later in the 3rd Carroll of the Raptors injures his hand. He's # 5  hence the 5:09 sticks out. 
5:09 to 1:16 is a span of 3:53. 

In the Warriors game Lillard also hurt his hand. 

Then later Barbosa hurt his hand

Then Draymond Green "Accidentally" slaps the refs hand and injures the Refs hand. 

Only Deng actually went out of the game but still interesting they were putting a lot of emphasis each of these occurrences. 

Injured Hand=108, 54  
Not sure of the significance but i'm guessing there is something to it. Especially with Chris Paul Breaking his hand in the previous series. 


  1. Dan do you like baseball? Anyways Bartolo Colon hit a HR On 5/7 and now Syndergard hits 2 on 5/11??

    Saturn equals 511 which equals 93.

    Recently won against the New York/San Fransisco Giants 13 to 1.


  2. Remember how I said ICE Fell on the court in Game 4 vs the heat at 1:11 and wade held the ball?Yesterday they showed a Gatorade Commercial of Wade surrounded by snow and Ice and a Guy was talking to him wearing a white Jacket that said Ice.......while shooting baskets.

    Then they Show the Gatorade bottles in ice...... I mean that's weird

  3. Oh and Berg Cleveland Cavaliers equals 1008.....and 540

  4. Most of this lines up with Cleveland like Nate carol at 1:16 Clevland Caviliers equals 1167.

    Deng who got the 59 connection as well which is coded for Lebron this year. Then 96-95. Oh and the 68 for Toronto.

    Who knows.....

  5. Brother Berg please Decode this.

    His name has a 426 connection. NBA finals 42 and 46= sacrifice.

    Also berg what is that 34 Connection to Lebron again please? This seems coded for Ohio Clevland.

    1. His Name equals 51 give me a break and 79

    2. Lebron shot 9 of 23 on 11/4. It was 51 days before losing to the Warriors on Christmas. But also 34 games before losing to the Warriors on 1/18 by 34 points. If Lebron wins the Finals he will be 3-4 in Finals and If he loses he will be 2-5 in Finals. He also shot 9 of 23 on 2/5 and lost to Boston 104-103. Hey sorry too I notice you keep saying Berg, but that's not me. Brother Berg is Extracapsa. That Ice thing super interesting too, reminds me of when the AC went out during Heat/Spurs Finals. Have to think about how that might play in. Heat lost that series, but falling on the floor seems like it would be opposite.