Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Warriors vs Blazers Game 1 Cavs vs Hawks Game 1 Weird Web Pages Loaded Espn.com

Talk about a final score Tribute to the Cavs and Lebron. 
One Hundred Four=168
Cleveland Cavaliers=168
Cleveland Cavaliers break Cleveland Sports Curse=168
Queen Elizabeth II=168
Prince Charles Dies=168

Ninety Three=792 (Jewish)
King James=792 (Jewish) 
Thirty One=792(Jewish)  Today was 31 days before Finals Begin.
Seven Hundred Ninety Two=104(Reduction)
Also the Total Score 104+93=197
Cleveland Cavaliers win Nba Finals two thousand sixteen=197
Two Hundred Seven=197
Cavaliers are followers of King Charles, the son of King James. 

It's amazing how all this connects though, because the 104 is also connected to the Warriors and Back to Back Championships. 
Back to Back Championships=219
2/19 was 104 days before the NBA Finals begin. 
219 days from Beginning of Season to Finals. 

Warriors even won Game 1 against Portland on 5/1. What stands out to me is that they scored 118 points.
1/18 was the day the Warriors defeated the Cavs by 34, which was also 34 Cavs games after Lebron was 9 of 23. But anyways Warriors win with 118 points 104 days after 1/18. 

NBA Champion=51
Cleveland Cavs=51
Lebron James=51
Quicken Loans=51
Cleveland Hasn't won a Sports Championship in 51 years. 
Fifty One Years=69, 168
Cleveland Cavaliers=69, 168 

Two Thousand Sixteen NBA Champion=413, 152
Warriors got their 73rd win on 4/13 score was 125-104. 
Cleveland Lost on 4/13 to Detroit. 112-110.=222(Amtrak)
2/22 Warriors picked up Varejao who was dropped by Portland.
Portland beat Warriors by 32 on 2/19. 
Seventy Nine=152
Lebron Raymone James=79
Pope Francis turned 79 years old 168 days before the Finals. 

The Death of Merle Haggard is still ripe in my mind as well. He died on his 79th birthday. 

He also died 79 days or 2 months 19 days after Warriors beat Cavs by 34. 
He died 2 days after "Villanova"=108 won the Championship.
Golden State Warriors=108
Merle Haggard=99
Golden State Warriors=99
Haggard=46(Simple). He dies on 4/6 with a date Numerology of 46. 
April Sixth=136
Forty Six=136

1/18 to NBA Finals is 136 days. 
June 13th is 13/6. 
My Copyright Strike involved 22 Jumpstreet that came out on June 13th. Much more to that..
Easter Sunday=152 
Easter was also the 152nd day of the NBA Season. 
Warriors beat Philadelphia on Easter. Philly got their 65th loss. 

Notice Game 1 of Warriors Blazers Halftime Score. 
51 to 65. 

They also interviewed Curry, they split the Screen as the Warriors score their 79th point. Interesting it was 57-79 too. In the Rockets Series when the Power Went out the Score was 57-79. 
A difference of 22.  22nd prime is 79. 

There was also a weird glitch tonight when I kept trying to check the boxscore of the game. They showed highlight stories of the Cavs winning over Atlanta yet they still showed a score of 79-78 with 8:51 left. I'll post some screenshots of what I'm saying. 

At the Top and the Bottom it has the game at 78-79 yet the Article says Cavaliers close out Game 1 Victory over Hawks.  Gotta love the Fact They have a picture of # 5 and # 2 smacking hands when the game is on 5/2.  Also the Time Stamp of 1:11. 
The NBA Finals=111
The article even mentions how the Hawks were Scoreless for the Final 3 minutes.
Three Minutes=157   78+79=157

I thought maybe it was just the Home Page so I went to actual Cavs Page it still says the Game is Live.  This is 9:26 Central Time so the game was well over. 

I then opened up a new tab thinking maybe it wasn't refreshing correctly. It still says 78-79 with 8:51 left. 

Then it finally changed, yet still at the Top says 78-79. 
So I'm wondering what the deal was, it's just another clue.
But interesting both teams keep getting Tributes to it. 
Cleveland Cavaliers=78
The time is 8:51.
Eight Hundred Fifty One=223, 115
The Synagogue of Satan=223
Friday The Thirteenth=223 (5/13 Money Monster)
Oklahoma City Thunder=223
Warriors lost first game this season to Bucks 1 month 15 days into the season. Then lost to Portland on 2/19(The 115th day of the Season). Then Curry Hurt his knee on the 115th day of 2016. 
One Hundred Fifteen=173, 92
Warriors Win Back to Back=92
Lost to Bucks 173 days before the finals. 
Prince William's Bday the 173rd day of the year. 

Eight Minutes Fifty One Seconds=131, 329
Prince Charles=131=Championship
3/29 was when Irving Shot 9 of 23.
Lebron James didn't play=219(he didn't play that game)

One Hundred Fifty Seven=104, 239

Seventy Nine=152, 53, 62, 71, 80
King Charles III=80
8:51  is also 431 seconds
Four Hundred Thirty One=115
83rd prime is 431 
It's also the mirror of the 134 I keep mentioning. 
King Charles III=134 

One last thought...The Cavs blew an 18 point lead but still won. Remember Curry Got hurt after playing 18 minutes the same night there was an 18 minute Blackout at the Spurs Game. Spurs game resumed at 1:57pm  the Power went out 1:57 into the 2nd quarter. 
1/18 was the 18th day of the year. 
July 15th or 15/7  is the 197th day this year. 


  1. it was 41-51 for 1:35 to end the second and going to the third

    401 is the 79th Prime....At 11:30 Cavs make a 3 pointerr

    it was 41-54.....95

    509 is 97th prime

    At 11:10 Hawks Make it 43-54

    Sum it up 97.

    Channing Frye scored the 79th point to make it a sum of 149 points.Also was at 79 for 3 minutes :23 seconds and

    Get this at 7;37.....77=GG which is 33/7+37=44.
    Lebron James assisted Kyrie irving who made a 23 foot 3 pointer

    THE score was then 82-80 which sums to 162.......79-80 is 159....

    953 is
    162nd prime.....509=97 prime.


    233....51 prime

    Berg That 93 is significant because it was Tyron Lues 39th BIRTHDAY is 5/3. Also LBJ Just passed MJ for most playoff wins.

    The Cavs are blasting Michael Jackson's "Happy birthday" in the gym to honor him while us in the media wait to speak to the team.

  2. Nice work Dan! I found some connections to 97 and 197 in the upcoming Kentucky Derby, especially to the horse Nyquist. Take a look and see if any other horses catch your eye. This article has a breakdown of the field.


  3. Dan and jeremy. Can you please give me a link to your email. I have a treat for you

  4. Alright fuck it. Here's my work.


    Most famous raven of all time Ray Lewis #52. Most recent raven to die Trey walker #25. Prince died in minny, where super bowl 52 is. Purple, ravens colours. Ravens had art modell die before they won the last SB, they wore a black patch with 'Art' on it. This year they have a black patch for walker. Says '25'
    Ravens won last SB 34-31 (65 points) prince =65.
    Prince= 38
    Joseph vincent flacco =83
    Joe flacco = 420
    Flacco =240

    SB52 will be played on 2/4 or 4/2..
    America will be in it's 240th year of Congress that season.


    the penguins played new york right before the new guy indecent. I think that means giants before ravens now. Prior
    I thought this was a colts clue but perhaps a future ravens clue. Days between that and Trey Walkers death is 15.
    New Guy = 570/95
    Baltimore = 570/95
    Fifteen =65
    Prince =65

    Ray Lewis will be 42 when SB52 takes place. Matching the 4/2 date.

    Days between that 'new guy' event and SB52 is 703.
    The story line of Steve Smith vs his old team the panthers was a media monster when the teams met. The game was on 9/28/2014 =71 Seventy one =144 Score was 38-10 (48) and SB52 is the 48th of the modern era and is played on 2/4/2018 =44 fourty four= 144. Time=144 and ONLY 44/71 spelled out equal 144.
    That was the hype built before a nothing game. Notice the time it was posted. It matches the date of sb52.

    How about the Ravens 1st round pick, mocking the masses, showing exactly what I'm telling people. Surely coincidence that he is dabbing with the commissioner.

    How about a little on our friend Flacco. He ended last season with injury, perfect coding my theory in his stats.

    Passing attempts:4,070
    Passing completions:2,479
    Passing yards:28,322
    Passer rating:84.8

    Attempts we see the masonic 47. Yards we see the 322 of skull n bones society. Rating has 48 in it, as in 48th SB of the modern era. But passing completions... Wow.. 2479.. 2/4 (the date) (79=champion)

    Flacco will be 32 in january
    33 right before SB52. Infact, 18 days before, or 2 weeks 4 days...
    And... It appears that season will begin September 6th, 2017. 9+6+20+17=52 but 9/6 the date.. 9+6=15 fifteen= 65 and here we are, back to beginning of the article.

    Days between Prince's Death and the NBA Finals is 42, lebron james=42. Championship would really make the ravens look good with all the 42/prince connections. Don't be shocked if he is the keystone.

    I can't post my picture of the dabbing between Goodell and Stanley but I'm happy to email it. Enjoy guys