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EgyptAir Flight 804 connections to Royal Theme, Malcolm X and more

So we got a new missing Airline story on 5/19. Interesting that originally it was reported it was 69 people and now it's 66. 
69 a Super Special number this year as I have mentioned. 
Back to Back=69
Cleveland Cavaliers=69
Lot's of Celebrity Deaths at age 69
Trump is 69
The moon landing was in 1969. 
Israel will celebrate 69 years of being recognized later this year as well. 
Obama's said he is going to do something about Cancer in his state of the Union. 
Cancer Astrology symbol similar to "69". 
Obama 44th president.
Ran on "Hope"=44 
World War III=69
Obama was in Cuba(Cold War) when "Belgium"=69 attacks happened. 
Now he's going to "Hiroshima"=55(WWII) 69 days later on 5/27. 
5/27 is also 69 days before Obama's 55th Birthday. 
Much more.  

Here they show 66. 

A lost plane reminds of of the Malayasia Flight 370 as well. 
Both of these Flights actually have connections to the Royalty stuff I have mentioned.  Which I'll Show in a second but First notice how it's EgyptAir Flight 804. 

Malaysia Flight 370 went missing on 3/8/2014. 

So Malysia Flight 370 went missing 804 days before EgyptAir Flight 804. 

Notice the Malaysia Flight was on 3/8. 
Prince=38, 65 

Prince Charles has been the Royal I have been focusing on as he is next in line to Ascend the Throne. 

Charles turned 65 years old 3 month 22 days before the Malaysia Flight on 3/8. 
Also 114 days. 
We are in the 114th Congress
World War=114
Pearl Harbor=114
Lebron James=114 
Two Hundred Seven=197
Lebron James also shot 9 of 23 on 11/4 2015. 

So Lebron did it 197 days before 5/19/16(Flight 804)

Cavs even win on 5/19/15 with a total score of 197.
King James=89
Golden State Warriors=108 

Today is also 6 months 5 days after Prince Charles turned 67 years old. Remember Prince the singer's bday was June 7th or 6/7 too. 
187 days just reminds me of the Homicide Code 187. 

The 69 passengers going to 66 also puts it in perspective. 

Today also comes 66 days after "Pi" day. The day we got the Kansas Amtrak Derailment.  Steph Curry's 28th bday as well. 
I never noticed before right now either, but 66 days is also sometimes 2 months 5 days. 
If Lebron wins the Finals he will be 3-4 in Finals.
If Lebron loses the Finals he will be 2-5 in Finals.

The Paris Attacks to 5/19/16 is also 6 months 6 days. 

Of Course it left from "Charles" De Gaulle Airport as well.
Charles De Gualle was President of the French Republic until 4/28/1969.  
Remember "Charlie" Hebdo? 
Charlie Sheen has HIV.... Right after the Paris Attacks.  
Been a lot of Charles coding in the past year. 
Cavaliers are followers of King Charles in the English Civil War. Charles I was executed in 1649 then in 1651 his son King Charles II was banished to France. France is where Charles I's wife was from as well. 

Flight 804 also went missing over the "Mediterranean Sea"
Mediterranean Sea=152, 71
King Charles=71, 107

5/19/16  Also a special day in regards to Prince William. 

William is 33 years old. 
He's also 33 years younger than his Dad Prince Charles. 

Today 5/19 is 33 days before his 34th birthday. 
King William=57
George=57(his son)
Prince died age 57. 
Vanity died age 57. 
Obama's the 57th term president.
A lot of 57 I've mentioned in previous videos/posts. 

Another interesting thing about today's Flight was it had 56 Passengers. 
It left from "Paris France"=56
Going to "Cairo Egypt"=56
Black Lives Matter=56
Climate Change=56
Osama Bin Laden=56
Saddam Hussein=56
Adolf Hitler=56
Also I made a bunch of videos about Teen Wolf last year. 
Kevin Garnett=56 (The original Teen Wolf)
All kinds of stuff with him in regards to 56...even traded back to Twolves on 56th day of 2015 for "Thaddeus Young"=56
Garnett also connected to 12 and 21. 
Flip Saunders became the Head coach on the 21st game of Garnett's Rookie season wearing # 21. Twolves finished 12th in the West and only won 21 games that season.  
Garnett left to Boston after 12 seasons, comes back to Twolves. Then Saunders dies just before the start of Garnett's 21st season. 

Garnett's best friend and former teammate also died in a car accident after leaving a Party on Garnett's 24th Bday. Notice how they show his college pic of #21 and not his # 2 on Twolves. He was also born on 2/1. 
The reason this is even more interesting is because Malik Sealy named after Malcolm X. His father was a bodyguard of Malcolm X.

Malcolm X also born on 5/19. 
Malcolm X aka as "Malik El Shabazz"=56, 146
Kevin Garnett=56, 146
Garnett's 24th Bday. 
Interesting to point out too that Kevin Garnett is 51 years younger than Malcolm X who died 51 years ago. 

Sealy also a main character in the 1996 (69, 96) film Eddie. 

I've talked about this movie before in regards to the death of John Hot Rod Williams on 12/11/15. He was a Cavalier. 
The movie description even makes sure to let us know about the Cavs too.  Alex English played the Cavs Coach. In real life he is most recently known for assistant coaching the Sacramento KINGS. 

Of Course Whoopi Goldberg was turned 60 the day of the Paris Attacks. Also got her breakthrough role in the film "The Color Purple". 
Caryn Johnson=57, 156
Whoopi Goldberg=84, 156 

Remember Prince(Singer) was from Minnesota and died in Minnesota as well too. 
Of course  "Minnesota"=38
Just like "Prince"=38
Much more...

The reason why he sticks out so much is today 5/19/16 Kevin Garnett turned 40 years old. 
He also has the connection to "Flip Saunders" who died on 10/25/15.  Flip was born in Cleveland...lots of 223 around him.
Born on 2/23, announced his cancer on 223rd day of year. First game of season after his death against Lakers totaled 223 points and so on...
The Synagogue of Satan=223
Friday The thirteenth=223 (Paris Attacks) 

10/25/15 to 5/19/16 is 207 days. 
Two Hundred Seven=197=Prince=Lebron

Today also 28 days after the Death of Prince and Bday of Queen Elizabeth II. 
28th prime is 107
King Charles=107
66 days after Steph Curry's 28th birthday 66 people are missing. 
66 days after the Kansas Amtrak Derailment. 
Philadelphia=65, 101
Air Egypt=101
Philadelphia is where the Fresh Prince is from. 

Interesting Gematria here as well. 
Both numbers I have mentioned in my copyright strike/comments videos. 
Flight 175 hit the South Tower on 9/11 with 56 passengers. 
It caused the building to collapse 56 minutes later. 
South Tower=47, 56, 164
United Airlines Flight One Seven Five=165

Since the 165 stuff I noticed was in relation to my Bday I checked the span of days. 

191 days or 6 months 9 days.  (69)  
Society of Jesus=191
Black Panther Party=191
Second Championship=191 (If OKC wins it would be 2nd)

June 13th the 165th day this year. 
Also the day King Charles I married his French Wife in 1625. 
She died Sept 10th 1669. 

Also the reporting said the plane took off at 23:09  which is also 11:09. Interesting the Video is 1:08 as well.  I'll mention this later. 
Prince Charles=68    1:08 is 68 seconds too. 

Airbus Three Hundred twenty=119
Charles De Gaulle died on 11/9  1970. 

Malaysia Flight 370 had 239 People on it. 
March 8th also leaves 9 months 23 days in the year. 

The Flight was going 519mph when it went missing on 5/19 lol give me a break. 

Also cannot forget about the EgyptAir Hijack story on 3/29. 

Funny it even says "It's over"=108

3/29 just so happened to be 108 days after the Warriors lost their first game to the "Bucks"=56 on 12/12.  The headlines also said, "It's over"=108. 
EgyptAir Eight o Four=108(possible coincidence but that's the way I've heard multiple reporters call it.  o(letter instead of) 0(Number). 
Funny the Cleveland Cavs scored 108 points tonight as well. 

12/12 to 5/19 a span of 5 months 7 days. 

3/29 to 5/19 is 51 days. or 1 month 20 days. or 7 weeks 2 days. 
King William=120
Prince William=72
51 a very big number this year.
Cleveland Cavs=51
Lebron James=51
Quicken Loans=51
Cleveland Sports Curse was 51 years old. 
Cleveland also hosting the 2016 Republican National Convention starting 7/18.   Interesting the 2nd day is 19/7. Which also leaves 165 days in the year.  
Trump is 15 years 51 days older than Obama. 
Queen Victoria died 51 years 15 days before Queen Eliz II became Queen. 
Pope Francis turned 15 years old in 1951
Philadelphia=101, 65
1915 was 101 years ago. 
1951 was 65 years ago. 

The United States is 239 years old until 7/4/16. 

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