Wednesday, May 11, 2016

51st NBA Season Cavs/Warriors Steph Curry gets 131 votes, Warriors vs Blazers game 4 What's in store for tonight's Game 5? 115

1996-97 was the 51st season of the NBA. 
This is interesting considering how the Warriors are connected to the Chicago Bulls and also the Back to Back Theme. 
The Bulls won Back to Back Championships in 1997 as well. 
Then we have all the Cleveland Connections to 51, which after seeing this could possibly be a foreshadowing of the 51st season. 

The Cleveland Sports curse was 33 years old in 1997. 
Yet they didn't even make the playoffs in 1997. 

The All Star Week in 1997 was also in Cleveland. 

Michael Jordan's last day of being 33 years old just so happened to be on the Bulls 51st game that season too. 

Curry Wins Unanimous MVP too. Notice the video Espn gives is 1:35.  The number that goes with May 13th I keep mentioning. 

He also gets all 131 votes on the 131st day of the year(5/10). 
Remember they finished the season 73-9. 
131st prime is 739.
They got 73rd win against "Grizzlies"=131
Stephen Curry=73

In his comeback game I also noticed some interesting things. 
First off the Total Score of 257. 
55th prime is 257.  Also a number I've seen a lot in Warriors wins. However they did lose to the Lakers when going for 56th win. 
Also they scored 132 points.
David Blatt was fired and Kerr Came back 132 days before the Finals begin on 1/22. 
Blazers also with 125, the only time the Warriors scored 125 all regular season was against the Bulls (right after they defeated the Cavs by 34.) and then against the Pelicans on Curry's Bday,  and then against Griz on 73rd win. 

Curry only got to play more minutes because # 34 Livingston got thrown out. 
Notice how Livingston was 2-5 shooting? 
I've mentioned the 34 stuff a lot in regards to the Warriors beating the Cavs by 34 on 1/18. 
If Lebron Wins the Finals he will be 3-4 in Finals and if he loses he will be 2-5 in Finals. 

In this game also when Curry started playing better late in the game, the announcers made it a point to show how Curry kept saying "I'm Back".   Remember Michael Jordan said, "I'm Back" when announcing his comeback. (The Bulls however didn't win the championship that year). 
I'm Back=21, 39   Also 55(Jewish)
It could be a reference to the Spurs, but I'm thinking it's because the 21st prime is 73. 
Curry and Lebron born in same Hospital 39 months apart according to Espn as well. 

The Warriors/Blazers game also went to Overtime 111-111. They even let us know in the game Curry was 0-10 on 3's. Once he got to 1-11 he started playing much better. 

Curry also the 61st player to win the MVP. 
Thirty Four=61

And what would the story be without a Back to Back mention. 
I might go back and watch the Warriors/Blazers game and record how many times they said Back to Back again. It was a lot. 
Anyway Curry is the 11th player to win Back to Back MVP's. 
Notice Espn tells us the last was Lebron James when he won it in 2012 and 2013.   Lebron also won Back to Back Championships in 2012, 2013. 
11 is that good number I've mentioned too. 
31 is the 11th prime number. 
Warriors are now ahead 3-1 to the Blazers. 
Thirty One=134
131 votes?  13 31. 
I also want to point out tonight's game is on 5/11 or 11/5.  
This number hasn't been so great for the Warriors this season. 
Curry hurt his knee on the 115th day of 2016. 
Warriors lost to Portland by 32 on 2/19(the 115th day of NBA Season).
Also 17 days ago. They made a big deal about Curry scoring 17 points in the previous game. 
Seventeen=37, 55, 109 

It was also 2 months 22 days ago, or 11 weeks 5 days. 
I'm guessing Varejao might be significant tonight. As we was dropped by the Blazers then picked up by Warriors on 2/22. Then played the Blazers for the 1st time 2 months 22 days before the Finals.   
Varejao also turned 33 years old the day of the Final Blood moon on 9/28/15. 
So born in 82'  NBA Season 82 games. 
Eighty Two=51, 132  
Anderson Franca Varejao=88

Warriors lost first game this season on 12/12/15(1 month 15 days into season). 

It was 151 days ago. 

So I wonder if anything is in store for tonight's game?
Ezeli getting hurt again? or Curry or maybe nothing, 115 but sure seems to be connected to bad things for the Warriors. 


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    1. How is 11 a good number? Anyways Nyquist's number 13, the rider was 31 years old......

      Lebron 13th season 31 years old.....

  2. Oh look Berg go put *Thirty one* in Gematrix 31=Ninety three....Ironically Cavs were in the 23rd season that year!!! 23 years later!

    Lol I think it is fair to say the 31 connection goes to *King James* in the 1600s..........

    They also lost on 2/19...Back to back Championships?

    Also put in "Twenty three" Exactyl the same as Barack Husien Obama

    As well as Final Antichrist.....

    Is it a coincidence Lebron won his rings under Obama?

  3. Twenty three equals 163.....16 and 13......31?

    Cavaliers equals 639? Tyron Lue is 39? And 36

  4. 131 votes on 131st day of the year, finishing season with a record matching 131st prime...

    For me that makes it look VERY likely the Warriors will win