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Death of Bryce Dejean-Jones Iowa State connections to Prince/Royalty theme. PI, Amtrak derailments, Philadelphia

I've been meaning to Post about this death but I've had a lot going on and too tired to take screenshots and what not until today. 

It's funny though this story is still headline news 2 days later so you know they want us to see this story for it's important code. 

His death is connected to Prince/Royalty/Amtraks  and more. 
Notice he was born on 8/21/1992.  
That was the 234th day of the year. 
Check the link Below I just made a big post on 234 and how it's connected. The English Civil War began on 234th day and more.
234 Royalty Warriors/Thunder and more. 

So he played college Basketball at Iowa State. 
Iowa State Cyclones=65
Bryce Dejean-Jones=65

Notice how they start the video at 6:07pm too. 
Prince(singer) born on 6/7   died 67 days after Vanity. 
Blood Sacrifice=67
607 is the 111th prime. 
The NBA Finals=111

Jones played for the Pelican's. The Warriors defeated the Pelican's on the 1st day of the season scoring 111 points. 
This death came the same day as Game 6 as well. 
In Game 5 the Warriors won 120-111. 
Notice Warriors played Pelican's again on Halloween winning 134-120. 
King Charles III=134
King William=120
Halloween was when Lebron dressed up as Prince and Love dressed as Jackie Moon(Prince death had a Moon theme). 

Notice CNN also makes sure to show him playing at Iowa State against Kansas. 

Remember ISU was the last team to beat Kansas before Kansas lost to the Champions from Philadelphia...Villanova. 
ISU even won by 13 points.  Bryce Dejean-Jones number when at ISU. He's was the mirror 31 for Pelican's. 
Villanova's win was connected to the Chester, Pennsylvania Amtrak derailment. 
We also go the Amtrak derailment in Kansas on 3/14 though. 

Notice Pelican's tweet about his death at 3:14.  or Pi. 
The Warriors vs OKC games this season have been connected to Prince and Pi. 

ISU even beat Kansas 2 months 27 days before Prince died. 
Warriors played Thunder on 2/27 and the score Totaled 239 points. 
Bryce Alexander Dejean-Jones=239
2/27 to 5/28 a span of 3 months 1 day or 13 weeks. 
227 is the 49th prime. 
Prince died 49 days after attending the Warriors Vs Thunder Game on 3/3. 
Curry had 33 points in that game and the scored totaled 227 points.
After Game Six the series is tied 3-3. 

Jones First NBA game was on 1/21 and last NBA game was on 2/23. 
Oklahoma City Thunder=223
Notice he went out right before the OKC game. 
Revelation=49, 67, 121
Dallas=49(Where Jones killed)
Chicago Bulls=49

Even showed this hospital on CNN.
Camden Belmont=49, 121 

Also it was 33 days between his first and last games. 

He also played 33 games at ISU. They beat Kansas all 3 times they played them in that season. Notice the Final time they played Kansas of course on Pi day  3/14/15. 
NBA Finals=33

Notice Pi day is 2 months 19 days or 80 days before the Finals. 
Back to Back Championships=219
King Charles III=80
Remember though Kevin Durant also sacrificed last season after 2/19. 
Steph Curry also turned 28 years on on 3/14/16. 

3/14/16  also the 74th day of the year. 
3/14/16 to 7/4  is 112 days. 
Prince died on 112th day of the year 4/21 also Eliz II's bday.
4/21 to 7/4 is 74 days.
Warriors played OKC for 1st time this season on 2/6(Queen Anniversary)  but it was 75 days before 4/21.
3/14 to 5/28 was 75 days.  

2/6 to 5/28 also 3 months 22 days or 112 days. 
Skull and Bones number...
Oklahoma City Thunder=223

Also interesting Jones Killed in Texas. 
Texas=69=Back to Back
Kevin Durant played at Texas. 

Also Bryce Dejean-Jones  went to Taft High School. 
Named after the 27th president Taft. 
Taft's father was Alphonso Taft a co-founder of the Skull and Bones. 
Skull and Bones=149
Dejean-Jones dies on the 149th day of the year. 
Taft also the last president just before WWI. 

Two Hundred Seven=197

Days before this death we got the story of Pelican Anthony Davis losing 24 million by not being named All NBA. 

His contract is only 121 million now. 
Davis also played college for Kentucky Wildcats who won in 2012.
Villanova Wildcats won this year. 
Kentucky coached by John Calipari who on 2/13 got thrown out of the game after 146 seconds. Same day there was a Pileup on I-78 in Philadelphia and the 5.1 earthquake in Oklahoma and Antonin Scalia died. 
146 the number I've been saying connected to Philadelphia. 
Larry Brown=56, 146
Allen Iverson=56, 146
Calipari even assistant coached the 76ers with Brown. 


The Warriors and the Sonics/Thunder have played 239 Regular season games all time too. 

They are 8-8 in the playoffs which is interesting because Prince attended the game on 3/3 which was 88 days before Game 7. 
Oklahoma City Thunder=88  
Prince's death all about 88.  Purple=88 
The last time they played each other in the playoffs was in 1992. The Sonics won the series that year, but 1992 was also the year the Bulls won their first Back to Back. Interesting too if you look at it. The Warriors have what looks like PI  314 in wins and Thunder have 332 or 233. .   
If Warriors win it will be 414.   Back to Back=414(English)  but if Thunder win it will be 234 or 432 like what I mentioned before. 

So 239+16=255  so tonight's game will be the 256th game all time against these teams. 

Last year when Jones played for ISU he was coached by Fred Hoiberg. Hoiberg left to coach the Bulls this season. 

Fred Hoiberg=256(Jewish) 
Two hundred fifty Six=97  too.  
So interesting Fred Hoiberg=97 also. 
Hoiberg's  # 32 has been retired at Iowa state. 
Iowa State=32
Ames, Iowa=32
32nd prime is 131. 
Prince Charles=131=Championship
Iowa State also lost in the tournament this year to the Virginia Cavaliers by 13 points. It was 69 days before the NBA Finals. 
Back to Back=69
Cleveland Cavaliers=69

Interesting too both the Thunder and Warriors have played a total of 107 regular season game all time against the Cavs. 
King Charles=107
Warriors have played the 6 playoff games though so 113 total. 
Iowa State=113
Curry wears # 30   30th prime is 113. 
Michael Jordan=113
Kobe Bryant=113
This number was connected to Anderson Varejao and the Warriors loss on 2/19 as well.  I'm still waiting to see how he really plays into it.  I wonder if he will actually play tonight and have a significant role? Whether good or bad? 
3/11 to NBA Finals on 6/2 is 2 months 22 days. 

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