Friday, May 13, 2016

Lebron James was Prince For Halloween, Kevin Love was Jackie MOON.

I didn't make blog posts, but if you've watched my recent youtube videos about the death of Prince and the Moon theme this is crazy. 
So I went back and looked at when Lebron was Prince for Halloween.  Kevin Love tweeted this picture writing...
"Only want to see you..."=69
Kevin Wesley Love=69
Cleveland Cavaliers=69
Back to Back=69

Anyway look who Kevin Love was for Halloween.  He was Jackie MOON from Semi-Pro. 
"Better than the real thing"=105
Blood Moon=105
Notice he's holding a plaque that reads:
"An Eternity with the James Family"=131 
Prince Charles=131
Interesting too this movie is all about Flint, Michigan. The city we see almost everyday in the news in regards to the Bad Water. 

The film also premiered on 2/19/2008.
Back to Back Championships=219
92 minuteslong. 
Warriors win Back to Back Championships=92, 218

Remember the BEAR scene in this movie as well? Moon brings in "Dewey the Bear"=105   for the halftime show. 
In real life, the bear is named Rocky. 
On 4/22/2008 Rocky bit and killed a guy named Stephan Miller. 

Obama Out=88
Much more.  

Anyone know what Anderson Varejao is? I feel like I should know, but can't figure it out. Seems like it would be important considering he plays for the Warriors now. 

Kyrie Irving is a Jedi. 
618 is the number connected to Nancy Reagan and 9/19. 
Cleveland Cavaliers=168

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