Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Bernie Sanders and Ron Paul both have 451 Jewish Gematria.

I've literally seen so many people on Facebook post about how amazing Bernie Sanders is and they can't understand why he's not gonna win, considering every other Facebook Post is about hating Hillary and Trump and what not...
Bernie Sanders=451(Jewish)
Ron Paul=451 (Jewish)
It's the same old trick Facebook Friends. Wake up, it's all rigged and it has never mattered. 
Sanders and Paul are just as big pieces of shit like the rest. Just following the Opposed opposition agenda. 

Four Hundred Fifty One=108, 234
Interesting both numbers I've been talking about. 
234 most recently in regards to June 14th or August 22nd. 

Sanders is 74 years old. A perfect age. 

Sanders even went to elementary school at PS 197. 
Two hundred Seven=197
The Kings Highway Academy? Give me a break. 
He's from Vermont.
King Charles=107

Sanders dad even dies on Obama's 1st bday age 57 like Prince. 

Bernie was even the 37th mayor of Burlington Vermont. 
Burlington, Vermont=239
We are in the 239th year of the US. 
Golden Gate=239 
Jews believe the Messiah will arrive through the Golden Gate. 
Bernie Sanders is nothing but a Zionist Jew Actor chosen by the numbers. 

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