Saturday, May 21, 2016

Wilbur on Mister Ed dies...November 19th being shown to me tonight.

So Wilbur from Mr. Ed dies on 5/19/16.  
Cnn reported it today though 5/20.  
Doesn't it seem a little funny we get a story involving a horse the day before the 2016 Preakness? 
I noticed too,  the Kentucky Derby was on 5/7 and now the Preakness on 21/5.   Remember Prince's death age 57 was connected to Vanity's death at age 57 on 2/15 as well. 

Anyway Alan Young played Wilbur Post on Mr. Ed. 
Wilbur Post=47, 56
Seems pretty strange considering we also got the death of 
"Morley Safer"=56 the same day. 
Also all the 56 connections to the missing plane.

Alan Young=38, 110
It says his real name is "Angus Young". Which reminds me a lot of the  ACDC Guitarist. 
Interesting his bday is 11-19. 
This doesn't necessarily have to mean anything but I've saw this date 4 times in the past hour looking stuff up. 

Ted Turned the creator of Cnn born this day as well. Just made a post about Cnn employee Will KING dying. 

It made me think of Larry KING.  Notice he's also born on 11-19. 

Then Zach had this posted on his blog, because he received this in the mail. 

I looked up Sudoku and the History goes back to 11/19/1892

November Nineteenth=91
Remember James Garfield also born on 11/19. 

November 19th also the 323rd day in a Non Leap year. 
Daniel Behrendt=323
I am a Robot=323 (Draymond Green)
Also the 5th partial Blood Moon on 3/23/16. 
Mister Ed=323 
Notice too 11/19 is the day Lincoln gave the Gettysburg Address. 

Wow 11/19 also King Charles I's bday. 
Interesting too  11/19/16 to 5/19 is 26 weeks or 6 months. 
5/19 to 11/19 is 26 weeks 2 days or 6 months. 

Also Grizzly Adams Bday as well. His death on 1/15 has been connected to much this year. He even died 57 days after his bday(Prince stuff) also 4 months 4 days before 5/19. 
Dan Haggerty=56, 110 

Also Jodie Foster's bday. She directed the Movie Money Monster that I need to go see. I've mentioned it a lot previously in regards to the 134, 135, 165  Youtube is showing me. 

Anyway Alan Young also famous for being "Scrooge McDuck"
Scrooge McDuck=56
Farmer Smurf=57

He dies age 96 too. 

Anyway I know I wasn't really on point with this topic, but just wanted to blog some random info that might come back to make sense at a later date. 

Since he shares his name with ACDC guitarist I decided to look up ACDC because I remembered their original singer had died. Notice he was born on 7/9 and dies on 2/19.  
I have been mentioning how the Philadelphia trainwreck on 5/12/15 was 219 days before Pope Francis 79th bday. Also the 219th day of 2015 was 219 days before Francis' 3rd anniversary on 3/13/16. 
Back to Back Championships=219
Bon Scott dies and replaced by Brian Johnson. 
ACDC releases Back in Black with Johnson 5 months 8 days after Scott's death. 
Brian Johnson=58
Talking Horse=58
Back in Black=69
Back to Back=69

Angus Young=144


  1. El Sisi was born on 11/19 too, check my last post about the 'eerie coincidence' of his name being tagged on the EgyptAir 804.