Friday, May 13, 2016

Missing Tennessee Girl Found, Prince, Cloverfield, Westroads Mall Shooting

This girl Carlie Trent was kidnapped and found. Now ask yourself why this article has been on the mainstream news the last week and not all the other missing kid stories that happen everyday? 

1st thing I notice is they give us a 1:06 video. 

Her uncle "Gary Simpson"=57 kidnapped her. 
He's in "Hawkins county"=57 jail. 

He's even 57 years old. 

I also find it interesting she was kidnapped 57 days after the new Cloverfield movie came out. Remember the original movie's main character was Robert Hawkins. 

The first Cloverfield ends on May 23rd. 
May 23rd normally the 143rd day of the year. This year it's 144th. 
The attack in this film however, begins on May 22nd which is the 143rd day this year. 

This movie came out 1/18/08. 

I always found it strange that the kid who shot up the Westroads mall in Omaha was also named Robert Hawkins.  
He did it on 12/5/07. 
Notice it started at 1:43pm as well. 
There were a ton of 6 reference's in this story as well. 
6 minutes, Injures 6, 6 Von Maur Workers,  Cops got there in 6 minutes.   Even more, I just have to go back and watch my old video on it. 

The mall shooting was 44 days before The Cloverfield came out on 1/18. 

In regards to the death of Prince, this kid also started the shooting when he stepped out of the Elevator on the 3rd floor. 
Prince dies age 57

Robert Hawkins=163
Barack Hussein Obama=163
Obama Assassinated=163
Make America Great Again=163

Also interesting the guy who play Robert Hawkins in the movie  was "Michael Stahl-David"=151
A number I've seen a lot connecting to Obama being assassinated. 
Michael Stahl-David also currently working on the Film "LBJ" where he plays "Robert Kennedy" and the film is about how LBJ handles everything after JFK assassinated. 

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