Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Joe Biden says He would've been best president.

Don't Worry Joe you may get your chance just yet, either that or you may be going out as well. 
"Best President"=156, 57
156th prime is 911    57 been around Death a lot this year. 
Joseph Biden=107
King Charles=107
Joseph Robinette Biden=215, 98 
Lupercalia=98  2/15 the last day of Lupercalia.    
(215 Number associated with 57 and death of Prince)
I've had a theory about Paul Ryan being the next president for a while. If Biden and Obama die he would become president. They sure seem to mentioning him  a lot in regards to Trump lately as well. Who knows It was just a theory because of all the 46 coding in the past year, it would make him the 46th president age 46 and some other things I can't remember off the top of my head. 

Ryan became Speaker of the House 197 days before May 13th the day I keep mentioning. Funny even in regards to the 197. 
Paul Ryan Davis=55, 163
Barack Hussein Obama=163
Obama Assassinated=163
38th prime is 163   Death=38
Make America Great Again=163
Prince Charles Dies Two Thousand Sixteen=163
Train Derailment=163

Funny too, the article was referring to Biden saying no one should become president if they can't devote their heart to it and what not....So it's perfectly fine to be Vice President and not devote your heart to it? Not like Vice President is important or anything, he's only 2nd in command.

Biden also is the first Catholic Vice President.  
JFK was the first Catholic President to clarify my point.

His son Beau died of Brain Cancer and Joe leads Cancer Moonshot to improve Cancer research. 
How interesting a "Moon"=57 reference in the article in light of all the Moon stuff I've mentioned on my Copyright Claim video's. 
Brain=44  132(Jewish)
Cancer=44  132 (Jewish)

Brain Cancer=88

Cancer Moonshot=163

A lot of this article was a reference to "Beau Biden" as well. 
I find it interesting him and Paul Ryan were born 11 months 26 days apart.  Also 51 Weeks. 3 days. (513)
11/26  many have mentioned as a possible start date of WWIII. 
Beau's full name..
Joseph Robinette Biden III=134 

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