Thursday, May 12, 2016

Varejao 222 in Game 5

Varejao didn't really have an impact on this game, but hilarious he actually came in for 5 minutes.  Or 5:18 to be exact. 
He even gets a foul at 2:22 in the 3rd. 
I had just mentioned how today's game was 2 months 22 days after the Blazers beat the Warriors on 2/19.
Back to Back Championships=219
Blazers dropped Varejao and then Warriors picked him up on 2/22. 
He's wearing # 18 for Warriors, and Warriors didn't play Blazers again until 18 days after 2/22 on 3/11. 
3/11 is 2 months 22 days before the Finals. 
2/22 is 3 months 11 days before the Finals. 

English Civil War=171
Which if it is Back to Back Championships the Warriors will be playing the Cavaliers who are followers of King Charles in the English Civil War. 

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