Saturday, February 6, 2016

Why I think Panthers win SB 50 and Obama to be assassinated before leaving office.

The Broncos and Panthers both have multiple connections to Superbowl 50. It's a pretty tough choice, but my pick is going to the Panthers which I'll try and explain here. The Broncos seemed to be more connected, and who knows they will pry win now that I'm saying they won't lol, but the Mets were also more coded to the 111th World Series then the Royals.   
New York=111
111th World Series
Play in Queens.  Queen Elizabeth II born on the 111th day. 
Matt Harvey wouldn't leave the game on 11/1 until his 111th pitch and they ended up losing on 11/1. 
The Royals had other connections, but not directly to the 111. 

The Civil War/Moses...Back to the Future...Chicago Bears...Batman/Superman Themes are more of why I think the Panthers are going to win. The numbers show a lot as well, but both teams are so connected it's difficult to see what the way the numbers are being used. We will find out on Sunday I guess. 

I also don't even really care who wins at all. I'm just trying to show the coding involved in the Superbowl and how it's foreshadowing other events in our lives.  I talked about it being coded to Back to the Future and the Chicago Bears well before even Espn or any other media even mentioned it. The Bears won 91 days after the Royals won in Back to the Future on OCT 27th 1985.  Marty has KC on his Toyota Truck Grill and since the Bears won after that I had a good feeling it was connected to them. 
Espn even did a 30 for 30 on the 1985 Bears this week. 

It's more than obvious they are doing a race war theme. Every interview with Cam Newton is about race.  There is multiple race aspects being put in our faces, when it really shouldn't have anything to do with race. But it's the Black Panther vs the White Bronco. 

Anyway lets start by looking at the 
Chicago Bears Theme
I mentioned a little about Back to the Future and the KC Royals. In Back to the Future II they go to 2015 and they even mention Chicago because the Cubs are supposed to win. Anyway Since 2015 is over I figured the coding moved on to Part III. 
Back to the Future III=86 (1985 Bears won on 1/26/1986)
Doc goes back to 1/1/1885   131 years ago. 
The train used to Push the Delorean is Train 131. 
Much more, but I since the Royals won and Bears weren't going to Win Superbowl 50. I knew it had to be a team coded to the Bears. 
I originally thought Chiefs, you can go back and watch my videos on that. They were really coded to them, but they ended up losing after the game after Alex Smith got his 31st win as a Chief.
1985 was 31 years ago. Lot's of 11 around him as well. He's # 11 in his 11th season much more. 11th prime number is 31. If Panthers win they will be 1-1 in Superbowls. 
I failed to look at the other teams and how they were coded to the Bears though. 
The Panthers Coach is Ron Rivera who was a former player on the 1985 Bears. 
The Panthers also finished with a regular season record of 15-1 just like the 1985 Bears. 
Also did you notice in their playoff games the 31's? 
Panthers were winning 31-0 at half against Seahawks and finished the game with 31 points. 
The halftime score of the Cardinals game was 24-7  24+7=31
Halftime=38  Panthers=38  
Alabama=13, 31  They won the National Championship. 
Much more to the this...but 31 seems to be a winning number. 

Superbowl Played in California

The picture above doesn't include last years Playoff win against the Cardinals.  So he's actually finished last season on this 31st win. 

He won his 31st game on 1/3 even lol. 
Then lost the next game to Seattle who scored 31 points. 
Interesting this year they beat Seattle with 31 points. 
They beat the Cardinals with 49 points. 
If Panthers beat the Broncos it will be Cams 49th Career win in the 49ers Stadium. The Golden Superbowl. 

His only Tie was at 37-37 game against the Bengals.  
Carolina=37, 73   Also Threw 46 passes. 
Chicago=37, 46
Chicago won Superbowl 20  (46-10)
Using the Revolutionary 4-6 defense. 
This year is the 46th Modern Era Superbowl. 
Levis Stadium=46 

Peyton Manning has only won 1 Superbowl. It was Superbowl 41 against the Bears.  The score was 29-17. 29+17=46. 
It was the 37th Modern Era Superbowl. 
Chicago=37, 46. 
Only 2 Black Quarterbacks have won the Superbowl. 
Doug Williams Beat the Broncos in Superbowl 22.  42-10
Russell Wilson Beat the Broncos in Superbowl 48.  43-8
Cam Newton would be the 3rd Black QB to win SB and 3rd to beat the Broncos. 
The Broncos originally played in Bears Stadium.  

Moses-Civil War Theme

Age of Aries=86, 50 
Aries The Ram
Moses got mad about the Golden Calf because it was the age of Aries not the previous Age of Taurus(Bull) 
The St. Louis Rams just moved back to Los Angeles. 
They were originally from Cleveland and joined the NFL in 1937. 

Cleveland even named after a guy named MOSES Cleaveland. 
The Rams moved to Los Angeles in 1946. 
Then started in St. Louis in 1995(Panthers 1st Season)

One of the biggest things I couldn't figure out is the Zionists Jews controlling everything hate Blacks, so why would they let the Black Panther beat the White Bronco?  It makes more sense when you think of the Moses/Civil War Coding that's been going on.  
Moses Freed the Slaves/Lincoln Freed the Slaves. It seems to be part of the narrative for the Blacks to Win/Be Free. It will give them the Hope that Obama ran on. Similar to Lincoln giving them hope of being free/equal what not. It fits perfect for upcoming assassination of Obama. 
Nebraska Cornhuskers even Beat UCLA in the Levi's Stadium this year. Lincoln Nebraska won the War....Tons of coding to Teen Wolf as well, and why Nebraska is so important. 
The 13th Amendment Freed the Slaves. It was passed by the 38th Congress. 
Superbowl 50 on the 38th day of the year. 
Colorado=38, 83  The 38th state
Manning born on 83rd day of the year. 
Elway Drafted in 1983. 
Omaha=38 (Manning calls this out)

Interesting the Broncos won the first ever AFL game and their 1st game ever on 9/9 1960.   There is a lot of 99 connections to the assassination of Obama. 
Abe Lincoln was shot 9 hours and 9 minutes before he died. 
The first president to die in office was William Henry Harrison. 
Harrison the 9th president who died 4 weeks and 4 days into office.
He was 68 years old and died on 4/4.
Barack Obama=68  He's the 44th president. 
The 151st anniversary of Lincoln's Death is 68 days after SB 50. 
The last president to die in Office was JFK(35th) Obama is 9 presidents after him. 11/23/63(38 days left) Also JFK was 44 years older than Obama. 
Obama would be the 9th president to die in office. 
Obama sung Amazing Grace at Clementa Pinckney's Funeral in 2015. It was 9 days after 9 people were shot at the Charleston Church.  Charleston where the Civil War Began. 
Amazing Grace written by John Newton.
The founder of the Black Panthers was Huey P Newton
Leader of the Carolina Panthers is Cam Newton. 
Obama sung amazing grace on 6/26/15. 
6/26/15 is 9 months and 9 days before 4/4/ 2016. 
California founded on 9/9 1850 (Superbowl played)
Manning beat the Bears in his 9th Season, so This Superbowl in 9 Seasons later. 
September 23rd there are 99 days left in the year. 
9/9/2015 is when Queen Elizabeth II became the longest reigning British/English Monarch ever. 
September Ninth=168  Queen Elizabeth II=168
9/9/15 to SB 50 is 151 days. 
2016 will be the 151st anniversary of Lincolns Death. 
The Halftime Show is featuring Coldplay who just released a new album titled "A Head Full of Dreams"=151  They have Obama featured on the song Kaleidoscope singing Amazing Grace at Clementa's Funeral.  The Track is 1:51. 
Martin Luther King Jr. had a dream and he died on 4/4/68
The Album is 45:45 interesting SB 50 Date Numerology of 45.  Valentines Day=151  It's the 45th day of the year. 
Jesus Christ=151 
Panthers were 15-1 regular season
Denver Broncos=151
Ninth president to die in office=151 
One Five One=110, 56   
The 99th day of 2016 is 4/8 which is also 8/4. 
Obama=84(Jewish)  Born on 8/4. 
Interesting Obama was also 9 years old during Superbowl 5 The 1st Modern Era Superbowl. Obama 
Obama and Lincoln the only presidents who are politically out of Illinois, Hence fitting the Bears theme. 
Obama is also being interviewed on Sunday before SB 50. 
JFK also avoided an assassination attempt 3 weeks before he was killed in Chicago at Soldier Field(Bears play there). 

Steph Curry said Warriors would beat Thunder night before SB 50 and Panthers would win Superbowl 50. 

If you watched this game tonight. You may have notice when the Warriors got to 99 they almost blew the game. It was 99-88 and then Thunder got it to a 4 point game. They later mentioned Durant has made 9 of 9 free throws. Right after that #9 Igoudala came in and stood next to #9 Ibaka.  Notice how the Warriors had a 73 to 59 halftime lead.  Carolina=73  Also the 21st prime number. 
They got their 46th win. Giving them a record o 46-4.  464. 
Stephen Curry=64  See Above Civil Rights Stuff. 
Thunder kept their 38 wins. lol SB on 38th day. 

OJ Simpson was chased in the White Bronco. He was found not Guilty 68 Weeks after the Murder of his wife and Ronald Goldman. 
OJ is also 68 years old this year. 
OJ was aquitted on 10/3/1995 exactly 1 month after the Panthers first NFL game ever. 
1995 was also the Year Michael Jordan returned to the NBA. 
Panther(Film about Black Panthers came on on 5/3/95)
OJ's case brought a lot of racial tension to it, and when he was aquitted it was a Win for Black people. 
Wouldn't it also make sense for Newton to make Black History in Black History Month. He would be the first Black person to win a College Championship and Superbowl. The only others were Montana, and Namath both white guys.   
Joe=12 (See Below)
OJ also won his case 9 years after Superbowl 20(85' Bears)
Interesting FX just came out with a Special  on OJ Simpson on February 2nd 2016 as well. 
Cuba Gooding Jr. portrayed OJ. 
He's been in a lot of racial movies. I remember the movie "Gladiator" where he was a boxer and his characters name was even Abraham Lincoln Haines. 
Anyway he was Rod Tidwell in Jerry Maguire. At the end of the movie he finally gets his payday and it has his brother wearing a Black Rights shirt. 

Rod Tidwell wears # 85 in the movie. 
Rod Tidwell got his money, yet again the Black guy won. 
Show me the Money=71
Superbowl Fifty=71 
OJ Simpson also known for being a Buffalo Bill. He is from San Francisco(SB 50) and finished his career there, but mostly known for being at Buffalo. 
There has been the motorcycle codings to Denver lately. Broncos bus injured the Motorcycle cop, the Shooting at the Motorcycle Expo in Denver, it even connects to the Twin Peaks Motorcycle gang fight in Waco. 
For whatever the reason it made me think of Hells Angels and Hunter S Thompson. He is famous for living with the Hells Angels in San Francisco and writing a book about them. 
There is a movie where Bill Murray=131 Superbowl=131 portrays Thompson. It's called "Where the Buffalo Roam". 
The movie is about Hunter going to Superbowl VI and writing a story on them, but gets sidetracked by his old friend. 
In the very beginning of the movie Hunter is training his dog named "Bronco" to bite Richard Nixon. He is in Colorado at the time, but still interesting. Nixon the 37th president. 
As much as I've mentioned Blackout interesting SB 6 was the last Superbowl to be blacked out in the TV market. 

Nebraska lost 1st game of season to a hail mary. # 12 Mangum for BYU came in with 12:12 left in the 4th and they moved the ball back to the 12 yard line for some reason. He eventually led them to a victory with the Hail Mary. So I guess depending on how you look at it, the 12 was good for BYU and Bad for Nebraska. 

Michigan lost to Michigan State because of the rigged bad Snap/drop by the kicker.  #12 Blake Oneill. 

Last years Superbowl Russell Wilson threw his 21st pass on 2nd and 1. Intercepted by #21 Butler who fell to the ground with 21 seconds left. The game was on 2/1. It let Tom Brady #12 win. 

During Chiefs vs Pats game. 
If the Chiefs won it would've been their 12th in a row. Avant(Chiefs) caught a ball on the 12 yard line. The announcers say there is a penalty on the 21. The penalty moved the ball to the 10. Ten=12. Next Play #12 Albert WILSON catches a TD pass scoring the Chiefs 12th point with 2:12 left on a 12 play drive.  It made the Score 12 to 21. So I'm assuming it was good for a play but since Patriots had 21 the 21 was better? Maybe just for the Patriots?  
This year in the Broncos vs Pats playoff game.  
Patriots had 12 points and finally got their last TD with 12 seconds left. The 2 point conversion was tipped by #21. There was also a play where #12 Brady was hit out of bounds by #21 and they referenced the Chiefs game. 

Many More incidents involving 12 and 21 this year. 

Broncos Panthers Superbowl Fifty=141
World War III=141
10+27+19+85=141 (Day Back to the Future Ends)
Age of Aquarius=141

Halftime Show=58, 139
Freemasonry=58, 139 
The Halftime show is always loaded with symbolic events. 

I forgot to mention Michael Oher and the movie The Blindside.
Michael Oher is the black kid who rose up against all odds in that movie. He is # 73 for the Panthers  Carolina=73

It sticks out because of Steve Harvey messing up at the Miss Universe. Sandra Bullock is Miss Congeniality as well. 
I've mentioned this in previous posts. She's even Scarlett Overkill in the Minions movie where she is trying to Steal Queen Elizabeth II's crown. Bob becomes king and rides White Horse, but eventually loses power. Much more, but interesting this guy plays for the Panthers now. 


  1. Your my favorite Dan! Great work. The Panthers i think are gonna win. Did u check out His breakdown on the spirit realm side is truly unreal. He has predicted 3 straight superbowls correctly so i take him seriously. He says Panthers !!

  2. Hey Dan. Check out the papa johns commercial on superbowl 50. It has joe montana. Peyton manning . then JT Watt comes busting thru this wall and peyton says " calm down, you will get yours AFTER the Super Bowl!!!! Jt watt and his # 99 jersey.

  3. Hey Dan. Check out the papa johns commercial on superbowl 50. It has joe montana. Peyton manning . then JT Watt comes busting thru this wall and peyton says " calm down, you will get yours AFTER the Super Bowl!!!! Jt watt and his # 99 jersey.