Sunday, February 14, 2016

Zach Lavine Wins Rising Star MVP and Back to Back Slam Dunk Winner Teen Wolf Lupercalia

Last Year the NBA All Star Week was from Feb 13th to 15th. 
Same Days as Lupercalia(Ancient Roman Festival Celebrating and Sacrificing the Wolf)
I made multiple videos explaining the strange coincidence that a Teen Wolf Andrew Wiggins won the MVP of the Rising Star Challenge, and a Teen Wolf Zach Lavine won the Slam Dunk Contest. 
I talked a lot about the Civil War/Abraham Lincoln/Lincoln Nebraska connection. In the Movie Teen Wolf there is Nebraska Cornhusker stuff in the background. Yet the movie wasn't filmed or Set in Nebraska at all. When MJ Fox's character Scott Howard becomes the Wolf, he joins the school play about the Civil War as well. 
Anyway I went on to say How I think the NBA is trying to make Lavine or Wiggins a mirror of Kobe Bryant. Similar to the way they did Kobe with Jordan.  Kobe even Surpassed Michael Jordan's Scoring record against the T-wolves last season as well. 

Anyway this year Zach Lavine won the Rising Stars Challenge MVP. He also won Back to Back Slam Dunk Challenges. 
Anyone who watched this knows he shouldn't have won. Although his dunks were still awesome, he shouldn't have won. It was rigged for him to win. 
Slam Dunk Contest=47
Zach Lavine=47, 101
Scott Howard=47(Although Lavine is no longer a Teen Wolf just a Wolf)
Lavine Born on "March Tenth"=47
Zachary Lavine=145, 64
Chicago Illinois=145
64 the number all around Civil Rights. 
Interesting his name adds to 101 the Big Way as well. 
Philadelphia=65, 101
It's the 65th All Star Game. 
NBA All Star Game=45, 126
NBA All Star Week=45, 144
Today is the 45th day of the year. 
I also mentioned how Zach Lavine went to college at UCLA. Andrew Wiggins was traded to Minnesota for Kevin Love, who went to UCLA. Russell Westbrook won the MVP of the All Star Game, he also went to UCLA. 
Nebraska Cornhuskers magically got a Bowl Game this year. They beat UCLA in the Foster Farms Bowl at Levis Stadium. 
Levis Stadium is where Superbowl 50 was played as well. 

Since Lavine won Back to Back Slam Dunk Contests it makes me wonder if Westbrook is going to get Back to Back All Star MVP? 
Back to Back=24, 69
X=10 Roman Numerals
Only 24 players have won the Slam Dunk Contest. So fitting Lavine would reclaim the title. 
There has only been 31 Slam Dunk Contests as well. 

Nate Robinson is the only guy to win the Slam Dunk Contest 3 times. He is 31 years old even. 
If Westbrook goes Back to Back also. I think it may be a sign for the Golden State Warriors to win Back to Back Championships this year. They were coded to Valentines Day last year. As they won the Finals 122 days after Valentines.
Golden State=122
Play in the San Francicos=122 Bay area. 

Also Karl-Anthony Towns another Minnesota Twolve won the Skills Challenge. He was a Teen Wolf this season until 11/15/15. He turned 20 on Space Jam's 19th anniversary. Remember last year Lavine won and he did the Space Jam Dunk. 

Westbrook being on the Oklahoma City Thunder also has me wondering about the Oklahoma Earthquake Yesterday.

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