Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Denver Broncos History 13... Black History Chicago Bears

Denver Broncos Founded by Bob Howsham. He was the Minor League Baseball owner of the Denver Bears. He expanded Bears Stadium and had to bring in Football because of it.
He was denied a team in the NFL under the leadership of Chicago Bears owner George Halas. 

Interesting George Halas would be 121 years old today. Also died in 1983. Football=83  
First Superbowl played on 1/15/67.
George Halas=98, 53
Bob Howsham=98, 35
Robert Lee Howsham=71  Superbowl Fifty=71

Frank Filchock was the 1st ever Broncos coach. Interesting he was a previous Chicago Bears coach who was suspended after a gambling Scandal in the 1946 NFL Championship Game. Go figure the 1946. 
Chicago=46, 37 
Won Superbowl 20  46-10 using the revolutionary 4-6 Defense. Superbowl 50 is the 46th Modern Era Superbowl. 
Only Superbowl Peyton Manning has ever won was SB 41 against the Bears.  SB 41 was the 37th Modern Era SB. Score was 29-17

Broncos were first AFL team to beat a NFL team. Interesting it was on 8/5 1967 (1985 Bears) They won 13-7 against Detroit. 
The NFC also had a 13 game Win Streak in Superbowls that was broken by the Broncos in Superbowl 32. 
Broncos won their first ever game on 9/9/1960 against the Patriots 13-10. 
They started out 13-0 in the 1998 season when the won SB 33. 
Interesting they made the Superbowl in 2013 Season as well. 
Also Superbowl 41 was the only SB Manning won, but with the Colts. 41 is the 13th prime number. 

Panthers have a streak of 13 Home wins in a row right now. 
They also set an best start of the season record in the NFC this year breaking the 13-0 starts the 2009 Saints and 2011 Packers. Panthers were 14-0 before losing. 

The Broncos also the first AFL team to have an African American Placekicker. 
They also had the first Starting African American QB of the Modern era, Marlin Briscoe. 

Mingo scored the first ever AFL points in the first ever AFL game that was in Bears Stadium. A 18 yard field goal.
Eighteen=46  Field Goal=71  Superbowl Fifty=71 Mile High=71
He also had the first ever AFL punt return for a TD in that game. 

He was also born in 1938. Go figure. 
Colorado=38  38th State. 

Marlin Briscoe was the 1st Black Starting QB in the Modern Era. He also played for the Broncos. 

Got his first Start on 10/6/1968.   So 86 days left in 1968. 
Avergaed 7.1 yards per attempt and 17.1 yard per completed. Also ran for 308 yards.  308=38  Also in the game where he first played on 9/29/68, it says he scored on his 2nd ever drive.  He completed a 21 yard pass then ran in a 12 yard TD.  Also says he had 38 rush yards on that 80 yard drive. 

Born in Oakland(San Francisco Bay) Also where Black Panthers were founded. Born in 1945.  Bears=45,  SB 50 (Date Num of 45)
Played at UNO and went to high school in Omaha. 
Omaha=38  Manning always calls out Omaha. 

Just found these interesting considering the White VS Black theme in the Superbowl.   
Broncos wearing White Jerseys. Panthers wearing Black Jerseys.
Twenty Nine=149, 50    
Skull and Bones=149, 41
Lincoln died "April Fifteenth"=149
JFK born on 149th day of the year. 35th prez. 35th prime is 149
William Mckinley died on 14/9 (Sept 14th)
Barack Obama born on 8/4 with 149 days left. 
James Garfield death connected to 56 and 91.  91st day is 4/1. 
James Garfield=56   Lincoln died age 56 in 65' April=56 Washington DC=56
Garfield the 20th president.  20th prime is 71. 

Broncos have only played Panthers 4 times ever. 
11/9/97  Broncos won 34-0
10/10/2004 Broncos won 17-20
12/14/2008  Panthers won 30-10
11/11/2012 Broncos won 36-14. 
Interesting the last time they played the scored totaled 50.  It was on a day with 50 days left until the end of the year. 

Panthers even fell to 2-7. It was 71 degrees out. Superbowl Fifty=71 played on 2/7.  
Week Ten=29, 83   
Football=29, 83  

2012 also says Panthers lost 13 of their coin tosses and the 13th game the had fans make the call but it ended in a 50/50 tie. 

After they lost to the Broncos in 2012  it made the Panthers record 1-3 against the Broncos all time. 
If Panthers win Superbowl 50 it will make them 2-3 and lose 1-4. 
23rd prime is 83  Football=83   
If Broncos win they will be 4-1 or lose 3-2.  Broncos=32, 41
32nd prime is 131=Superbowl.  So who knows it fits both ways. This is what I'm saying there is lots of coding but I think each year the accepted coding of the winner changes. Almost as if they choose the winner by a certain aspect of the these connections. That's why a Super Coded team sometimes loses. 
Like the 72-10 Bulls that lost their 46th game on the 37th day of the year. Lost to Phoenix=46  
Chicago=37, 46. 


  1. I just saw a awesome breakdown of the Occult winner of superbowl 50. This guy has predicted 3 straight superbowls so you have to pay attention to what he says. He doesnt use Gematria as much as he looks at the alchemy of the teams colors, the ritual theme of the halftime show, and the planetary alignments of the event that day. He predicted a big win by Seattle over Denver 2 years ago suggesting the Pale horse was to be ritualized to Mars well the Seahawks won big but his breakdown of the ritual at halftime to assure the dark forces the outcome they need is amazing. So this year he predicts Carolina Panthers to win! The big clue is The planet Mercury and the God PAN as in Panthers he says it is a big ritual at halftime to finish off the american publics views of marriage and the God Pan was a God that Do as Thou Wilt. Have sex with same sex OR ANIMALS it is crazy deep. Well the broncos again will be sacrificed and he says the clue is the all white jerseys not resonating with the Planet Mars or they would of wore there Orange jerseys for fire. He says they are willingly playing the sacrificial lamb again. Look for the Panthers to win in a High Scoring game i expect 38 35 denver covers the spread so vegas wins too!!

  2. Nice do you know the name of the video or channel? I'm gonna work on my prediction later tonight. Probably have a blog post and a video up by late tonight of for sure tomorrow. I think Panthers will win, but I'm not sure If Denver covers. I'm thinking score might be a total of 37 or 46 to fit the Chicago=37, 46, but there's a lot to the Moses/Civil War Freeing the Slaves narrative as well.

  3. Hey dan the site is revelationnow.net. its unreal his breakdown check it out