Saturday, February 13, 2016

John Calipari ejected at South Carolina Game

Once Again fitting the date numerology. 

South Carolina Gamecocks=89, 233
233 is the 51st prime number matching the date numerology.
Kentucky won the game 89-62. 

Interesting Kentucky ranked # 22.  The 22 has been coming up a lot since the Superbowl when TJ Ward=22 recovered the ball. Then Denver's # 22 Anderson Scored the 22nd point with 3:08 in the 4th. 
Total score 89-62=151
Also want to point out. Gamecocks play in Columbia, South Carolina. 
Columbia/Colombia has been a key theme I've noticed since the Missouri Tigers Hunger Strike. 
University of Missouri is in Columbia, MO. 
Miss Columbia loses the crown to Phillipines because of Steve Harvey. 
Many more instances I don't want to retype. 
Also remember how # 22 BYU lost to unranked Michigan 31-0 this year in football. Then Michigan became ranked # 22 after the win? Today the first day of Lupercalia(Celebrate the Wolf). 

John Calipari=116, 62. 
He was thrown out after 146 seconds of the game Espn reported. 
Score was 5 to 2 when he was ejected.  5/25 is the 146th day of 2016.  The Oklahoma Earthquake today said it was 17 miles north of Fairfield, Oklahoma. 
Fairfield Oklahoma=146 

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