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Anderson Varejao picked up by Golden State Warriors, Warriors vs Hawks NBA Finals, Chicago Bulls Streak 219 50

This is an interesting pick up for the Warriors. 

First off Varejao is a former Cleveland Cavalier who the Warriors played last year in the Finals. He got traded to the Portland Trailblazers on 2/18/16, and they released him. Now the Warriors Pick him up on 2/22/16 just 3 days after getting Blown out by Portland by 32. 

Varejao picked up 3 months 11 days before the NBA Finals Begins on 6/2.  Portland plays Golden State again on 3/11. Picked up 18 days days before 3/11, and is going to wear # 18 for the Warriors. 

Varejao is 33 years old. Traded away from "Cleveland"=33 to the 33rd State Oregon. 

Remember the only championship that the Blazers have ever won was in 1977.  They beat the Warriors in the Western Conference Championship who were originally from Philadelphia. The Blazers then went on to Beat the Philadelphia 76ers in the Finals. 

The Cavaliers also just fired their coach David Blatt on 1/22, The same day Steve Kerr came back as Head Coach for the Warriors. 
Golden State=122 The Warriors even scored 122 points in their game that day. Blatt fired 122 days before his Bday. Blatt was fired after the 34 point loss to the Warriors. Anyway He was born the same day the 1977 NBA Finals against the Blazers and Warriors began. Actually He turned 18 years old that day. 
May 22nd the 143rd day of the year with 223 left in 2016.  
David Blatt fired after coaching 143 games with Cavs. 

Varejao picked up 101 days before NBA Finals also 14 weeks 3 days. Philadelphia=101 
Varejao traded to Blazers 27 days later. 
Varejao=27, 72 
Warriors won tonight leaving them with 27 games left. 
Varejao then picked up by the Warriors and is going to wear # 18. 
Remember # 18 Manning just won the Superbowl 46 days before his 40th bday in his 18th NFL Season. The game started with an 18 yard pass to # 81. 
Eighteen=46, 73
Remember the Warriors are trying to beat the Bulls Record of 72 wins to make it 73 or more. 
He was also picked up 31 days after Blatt being fired. 
He was picked up because of the Injured # 31 Festus Ezeli.  
Andre Iguodala who won the MVP last year and was 31 years old.
If Warriors lose 11 games they won't even tie the 1996 Bulls. 
11th prime number is 31.   Klay Thompson # 11 drafted 11th in 2011. Perfect fit for Oakland. 
California is the 31st state. 
The Warriors 1st season was in 1946-1947  so when they lost to the Blazers in the 1976-77 western finals it was their 31st season. 
Ezeli also hasn't played a game since 1/25. Interesting it's 4 months 8 days before the NBA Finals begin. 
Festus Ezeli=48, 147
Varejao born on 9/28.   9/28 to 2/22 is 147 days even. 

  Blatt fired because of the 132-98 point loss supposedly on 1/18. 
Funny too because the Warriors beat the Bulls their next game with a total score of 219 and they won by 31. But Also 2/19 the day they lost by 32 to Portland. 
Back to Back Championships=219 

Blatt Fired 132 days before the NBA Finals. 

Varejao's first game back after tearing his achilles was the season opener against the Chicago Bulls. He only played 11 minutes. It was on Philadelphia's 333rd anniversary. The day Back to the Future Ends in 1985 and also Game 1 of the 111th world Series, and the day the Royals won the World Series in 1985. 
October 27th to 6/2/16(NBA Finals begins) a span of 219 days. I will mention this farther down, but a lot of 219 involved in the NBA Finals coding. It's also 31 weeks 2 days. 

Warriors just beat the Atlanta Hawks on 2/22 as well becoming the Fastest team in NBA history to 50 wins. I honestly think this is yet another sign showing the back to back championships. I love how they are 50-5 too, so it makes the mirrors of 50.  
We just had Superbowl 50. 
Atlanta Hawks=131, 32
It's also the Chicago Bulls 50th season, the team they are chasing the record for wins. 
The Bulls set the 72-10 Record in 1995-1996 season which was the 50th NBA Season.  They even beat the "Supersonics"=50 in the NBA Finals. 
Steve Kerr also on that Bulls Team.  Kerr is 50 years old right now, he was even the 50th pick in the 1988 draft. He even played for the Cavaliers and the Blazers. 
73-9 would break the record. 
Seventy Three and Nine=131 
Fifty Wins=131, 50 
Thirty Two=50  (How much they lost too against Portland on the 50th day of the year 2/19.)
Varejao even from "Brazil"=32 
32nd prime number is 131
Back to the Future goes to 1885(131 years ago)
Train 131 pushes the Delorean. 

The Bulls won their 50th game with a Total Score of 219 as well. 
February Nineteenth=93 (When Warriors lost their 53rd game)
Back to Back Championships=93, 219
Ninety Three=143 (David Blatt 5/22 5/23 stuff) 
Minnesota Timberwolves=93 
The 99 sticks out to me as well considering I've mentioned so much with the 99 around Obama and his assassinaton.  Also interesting it was against the Twolves in Garnett's rookie Season. 
Kevin Garnett=56
Bulls won on their 56th game. 
Bulls won by 21.  
Garnett Wore # 21  Flip Saunders became head coach that year on the 21st game of the season. They finished 12th in the West and only won 21 games.  Garnett left after 12 seasons to Boston and came back last season on the 56th day of the year. Traded for "Thaddeus Young"=56  then Saunders dies just before Garnett's 21st season. 
Flip Saunders even born in Cleveland. Died 221 days before the NBA Finals.  Also died 120 days before 2/22 and 99 days before 2/1. 
Philip Daniel Saunders=99, 216 
Flip Saunders=54, 144  (Warriors in 54th season in Bay Area)
Steph Curry=54 
2/22 to 4/16(End of Reg season) is 54 days. 
Also this Bulls game was on a date with 144 numerology. 

Ha even the Bulls next game in 1996 was against the Warriors. How ridiculous. They gave the Warriors their 31st loss on 3/1. Warriors lost by 23 like Michael Jordan # 23. 

Bulls beat the Hawks to win their 53rd game. Interesting They won by 5. Warriors broke 50 wins 5 days before the Bulls did, but they lost their 53rd game giving them 5 losses.  Interesting they both played the Hawks on 2/22 of their season.  
Fifty Three=59, 122
Thirty one=53

I suspect the Warriors won't lose a game until at least 2/27 against the Thunder if even then.  It would make their record 52-5 going into that game after beating the Magic on 2/25 or 25/2 (56th day) Also coming off the win against "Orlando Magic"=58 to play the Thunder their 58th game on the 58th day of the year. 
They also play the Hawks again on 3/1.  

Varejao also wore # 17 for the Cavs but can't with the Warriors because of Chris Mullin who's # 17 Jersey was retired by the Warriors. 
Anderson Varejao=63, 162

Chris Mullin born in 63' is 52 years old. 
Chris Mullin=57, 138
Fifty Seven=131 
Seventeen=109, 37 
Varejao in his 12th season, 37 is the 12th prime. 
Varejao's nickname is "Wild Thing"=52
Festus Ezili=52 
52nd prime is 122  
Golden State=122
San Francisco=122

My overall thoughts as of now are that the Warriors are the team coded to the Chicago Bulls. Just as the Broncos were coded to the 1985 Bears and the Denver Clock in Back to the Future in 1985.  Also the Royals were the team that won the world series in 1985 on 10/27. 

NBA Finals also start on 6/2. 
6/2 the 154th day of the year with 212 left. This number was all over the Superbowl this year. 
Levis Stadium=154
Denver Broncos=154
Finished the season 15-4
Plutonium Two Hundred Thirty Nine=154, 415
Lincoln died on 4/15  or 15/4. 
Nuclear Reactor=154

Lot's of 12 and 21 coding as well in the SB. 
Kansas City Royals=212

Maybe I'm missing something, but the Warriors sure seem to be coded to the 1996 Bulls. Maybe there is another team that is coded to them in other ways as well, just as the Panthers and Broncos were both coded to the 85' Bears. If the Warriors do win like I think,  it will be 2 teams coded to Chicago who won during the 2015 seasons. The same Year the Cubs were supposed to win the World Series in Back to the Future.   1996 isn't in Back to the Future but it is 111 years after 1885.  We just had the 111th World Series. 
2/12 is even 111 days before 6/2(Finals). 
Bears finished season in 1986 just as NBA season did. 
Nineteen Eighty Six=212 

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