Saturday, February 27, 2016

Warriors vs OKC Thunder 2/27/16 Other Warriors coding. Black History Month

Today is the 58th day of the year. Warriors play Thunder tonight.
I expect Andre Iguodala to have a good game today or at least some type of tribute to him in the game. 
Andre Iguodala=58, 112. 
Today is also the Warriors 58th game of the Season and the Thunder's 59th. 
Curry=85  the mirror of 58. 
Lot's of 58, 85 surrounding Earthquakes as well. Not saying there will be, but interesting with the recent Oklahoma Earthquake and then Golden State from California known for Earthquakes. 
Iguodala wears # 9
Nine=42, 24. 
If Thunder Win they will be 42-17. 
Forty Two and Seventeen=90

Warriors going for win 53. 
Fifty Three=122, 59
Golden State=122
Warriors lost their 1st game this season to the Bucks making them 24-1.   241 is the 53rd prime. 
Warriors lost to Portland on their 53rd game of the season. 
Interesting they lost their 31st game of the season as well. 
11th prime number is 31.  11 has been a big number all year. Seems most teams lose after they finish some type of code with an 11. 

Today is exactly 11 weeks after the Warriors first loss of the season to the Bucks. 
Also 77 days.  It's Black History Month. 
It would be the Thunders 42nd win of the Season on their 59th game.  
But "Fifty Three"=59 as well. 
This is a tough one to predict. I want to say the Warriors will win tonight but at the same time the Black History coding seems to point to the Thunder a little more.  I'm gonna say Warriors win tonight though because I don't think they will lose 11 weeks after their first loss. If it was 12 weeks I'd be more convinced. 
The Warriors don't play on March 5th (5/3, 3/5) but March 5th is exactly 12 weeks after 12/12(their first loss).   It's also 2016 Hours later, 84 Days,(Obama, Jesuit) 2 months 22 days (Varejao picked up on 2/22) A day to look out for in the Media.
Also Warriors lost their 53rd game, so I don't think they will lose before getting their 53rd win but who knows. 53 Sure doesn't seem to be a Good number with the Warriors so we'll see how it all plays out tonight.  
Black History=53 
In a previous post I mentioned 219 a lot in regards to the Warriors winning the Finals again this year. 
They won their 31st game this season against Denver with a total score of 219.   111-108=219. 
Warriors got their 3rd loss of the Season against Denver on January 13th.  13/1.  Championship=131   Also the 31 mirrors. 
1+13+20+16=50  I mentioned this in the previous post about 219. 
They lost to Portland on the 50th day of the year 2/19 it was after an 11 game win streak.  "Trailblazers"=53
The Warriors also had a 28 game win streak to begin the season stemming back to last year when they beat Portland on 4/9/15. 
Warriors also won their 50th game of the season against OKC. 

One more interesting thing I just noticed, which could be nothing but drew my attention. 
The Warriors have only lost to
Milwaukee (M=4)  M=13 as well and Warriors lost by 13. 
Dallas         (D=4)
Denver       (D=4)
Detroit        (D=4)
Portland      (P=16=4+4+4+4)

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