Sunday, February 14, 2016

Cliff Collapses Earthquake of ChristChurch, New Zealand

Cliff Collapses=138
I just made a video on DMX and said his real name is Earl Simmons.
Earl Simmons=138.
 Still not sure what it means, but the Earthquake in Oklahoma we got the 1:38 video on CNN.
Which is 98 Seconds and Today is the 2nd day of Lupercalia.

A 5.8 magnitude.   58 and 85 all over Earthquakes. 
Richter Scale=58
Invented by Charles Richter who died age 85 in 1985. 
Charles Frances Richter=109
We get the 109 Second CNN Video. 
Philadelphia Earthquake=109
Last Biggest East Coast Earthquake was a 5.8 in Mineral Virginia.
The previous worst was a 5.8 in Cornwall-Massena in 1944.
The Worse Ever East Coast Earthquake was in Charleston, SC in 1886.  Exactly 58 years 5 days before the Cornwall-Massena Earthquake. 
The Great San Francisco Earthquake in 1906 happened 109 years ago.  
The 109th day of 2016 is 4+18+20+16=58
The Big One=85
Study of Seismology goes back to Thales in 585BCE. 

The last Major Earthquake in ChristChurch was 2/22/2011. 
Interesting a span of 1818 days. Seen a lot of 18 and 81 during the Superbowl. 
Manning # 18 in his 18th season. First play of SB 50 was a pass to # 81 Owen Daniels for 18 yards. 
Chicago Earthquake=81   
Eighteen=46, 73
Chicago=37, 46 
Todays date is 2/14/2016
Valentines Day=52, 151 

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