Friday, February 5, 2016

Cable Falls on Kyle Busch Charlotte 2013. CamCat Overhead

Not Sure if it's related, but felt like posting a short post. 
Charlotte Motor Speedway is known for having a lot of wrecks. 
Cam Newton was in the Car Wreck last year. 
I remembered in 2013 Kyle Busch got hit by a Nylon Rope at the Race in Charlotte. 
I can't remember all the details, but it had something to do with the Iron Man 2 scene when the guy hits Tony Stark with the Ropes at the Car Race. I lost my notes on it, but it also went with the Boston Bombing...Tamerlan means "Iron Man" So it was Iron Man and the Joker.  Jeff Gordon was the Iron Man of Nascar at the time..

Anyway I just looked that race up again. It was 5/26/13. 
The Rope that fell was called CAMCAT. Just interesting Cam Newton. The Black Cat. 
Camcat=14, 41  Superbowl=41  2013   41 is 13th prime. Fourteen=41

Interesting the Caution also went out on Lap 122. 

Kyle Busch didn't win the race, but interesting he did win the Cup in 2015. 
I made a bunch of videos on him and his brother this year.  
They were both out at the same time and replaced by Regans. 
Regan Smith and David Ragan. 
Kurt Busch was suspended because he supposedly beat his girlfriend who claimed to be a Trained assassin. 
Ronald Reagan, George Bush....

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