Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Prince Protege Vanity dies age 57 Superbowl Coding Prince Charles Obama Queen Elizabeth II

Today we get the Death Story of Denise Matthews..AKA Vanity.
Denise Matthews=57, 165
So adds to 57 dies age 57. 
Full name is Denise Katrina Matthews
Denise Katrina Matthews=86, 239  (We are in 239th year of US).
She died on 2/15/16. 
2/15/16 is the 46th day of the year. 
Vanity=28, 46, 91
Died in Fremont California. 
I've talked about 91 and Elimination/Death since Dean Jones the Herbie Actor died on 9/1/2015. 
She died on Renal Failure.
Renal Failure=59, 122 
Interesting for lot's of reasons.
Pope Francis=59, 122
59 and 42 the number all over Black People, she is Black dies in Black History Month 42 days after her Bday on 1/4 ( born 1959). 
February is Black History Month usually ends on the 59th day of the year. 
Motown came out in 1959  
So Much more I've previously mentioned. 
2016 February ends on the 60th day. 
Nigger=60 (The Big Way)

She was married to former Oakland Raider Anthony Smith. 
Anthony Smith=166, 58
February Fifteenth Two Thousand Sixteen=166
Interesting he was just sentenced to 3 Consecutive Life terms for Murder on 1/22/16. 

1/22 to 2/15 is 24 days. (X Theme)

She's famous for this song. Nasty Girl. 

It came out Oct 1st(91 days left) 33 years ago. 
Nasty Girl=44, 125  Kill=44 
The Group was Called "Vanity Six"
Vanity Six=44, 143. 
This sticks out a lot.  Earthquake=44. I've mentioned on previous Posts 143 and how it connects to Earthquakes and Destruction. 
Joplin Missouri Earthquake happened on 5/22 which this year will be the 143rd day. 
Superbowl L(50)=143, 44
I even mentioned the Death of Grizzly Adams and the movie Happy Gilmore. The Scene comes just after Chubbs dies in the movie. Chubbs played by Carl Weathers(Apollo Creed, Action Jackson)

Vanity even co Starred in the Film Action Jackson with Carl Weathers. 

 Also I've mentioned the 99 coding in a lot of recent stuff, mostly in regards to the Upcoming assassination of Obama. 

The 99th prime number is 523.  5/23 in a regular year is the 143rd day. 

Also Says she is Prince Protege. 
Prince Protege=79, 151
Once again the 151 is connected to the 99 I've mentioned in previous posts. 
The Artist Formerly Known as Prince=151
Ninth President to Die in Office=151  Obama will be the 9th president to die. The 1st was the 9th president. 
Prince Rogers Nelson=100, 226
Prince Nelson=63, 144  
I've also mentioned a lot coding in regards to Prince Charles who will be the new King if Queen Elizabeth II dies. 
It's really coded to the Superbowl Still.
Prince=38, 65

Prince just released his 39th Studio Album on 12/12. 
65 days before 2/15. 
Twenty Four=167 (167 the 39th prime)
Peyton Manning=167  he is 39 years old. 
Death=38  Superbowl was on 38th day. 
Colorado=38  it's the 38th state. 
I've mentioned Will Smith/Wilt Chamberlain and the Fresh Prince of Bel Air. Originally from West Philadelphia.
West Philadelphia=168  Queen Elizabeth II=168  Beyonce Knowles=168 

I talked about Lebron(King James) was Prince for Halloween. Lebron James=923  Was in the Movie "Trainwreck"=122.  All connected to "Pope Francis"=122 visit to the US on his 923rd day as Pope. He went to the Whitehouse at 9:23am on 9/23. Trainwreck is significant because of the Philadelphia Train Wreck on 5/12 that happened at 9:23pm. 
King James(Bible) was replaced as King by his son Charles I.  

Prince Also played the Halftime show of Superbowl XLI(41). 
Also the Modern Era 37th SB. 

This Superbowl is the first Superbowl Peyton Manning won. Go figure playing the Bears. He just beat the Team Coded to the 1985 Bears.   Superbowl XLI is the 37th Modern Era Superbowl, Superbowl 50 was the 46th Modern Era Superbowl.
Chicago=37, 46. 
Bears won in SB 20  scoring 46 points using the new Revolutionary 4-6 defense.  
Mannings Bday is 46 days after SB 50. Much more. 
XLI=18, 45
# 18 Manning just finished his 18th season. 
Superbowl XLI=176, 59
Back to the Future=176, 59 (If I would've noticed this before, I never would've changed my mind and picked Panthers lol Especially with the Broncos Clock being in the Opening Scene of Back to the Future). 
Colts won 29-17.  29+17=46
It was even on 2/4 2007. 
SB 50 all about 24 and the X theme. 
Broncos even scored 24 points.  It was the 24th AFC SB win. 
Black QB's now 2-4 in SB's. 
Lincoln died 24 days before the Civil War Ended on 5/9. 
24th prime is 89.  Queen Elizabeth II is 89 years old. 

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