Friday, February 12, 2016

Kanye West and Taylor Swift Once again.

I just talked about the Kanye/Beyonce/Swift stuff in my Rigged Superbowl Video. 
Queen Elizabeth II=168, Beyonce Knowles=168 Taylor Swift=168
Kanye Sung Bohemian Rhapsody in Glastonbury...The Queen Song. Taylor Swift song Bad Blood.  Queen the Gay Band, Freddie Mercury died of Aids..Bad Blood. 
2009 VMA's on 13/9 (Sept 13)  Kanye got on stage.
2015 Grammy's Kanye faked the same thing to Beck. 
Beck won Album of the year...Album called "Morning Phase"=139
Then 139 days later Kanye gets booed at Glastonbury. Then 139 days later the Paris Attacks. Kanye even has a clothing line that Looks like ISIS. In 2012 he even had a shirt that said "Pray for Paris". 
Paris France=56
Paris Attack=56
Kim Kardashian=56
Kanyes father was even a Black Panther. 
Taylor even said Kanye was studying the Craft at the 2015 VMA's. 
Anyway have a bunch of videos on it. Much more to it, this is just what I remember off hand.  

CNN Posts this article today 2/11. 
Of Course they post this picture with Kanye wearing a # 71 Jersey. 
Superbowl Fifty=71 Moses=71 The Ten Commandments=71
African American=71
41 photos Biggest Celebrity Fueds...Superbowl=41. 

The Whole Article is about how he said he made Taylor Swift Famous  on his song titled "Famous". 
Famous=21, 75
His album releases on 2/12..Abe Lincolns Bday. 
Two Hundred Twelve=75
2/12 is 75 days after 11/29/15(333rd day Philly Kobe Bryant Retires). 
Gay Fish=75
Genius=75 (Kanye's a Genius lol on Southpark)
Album called "The Life of Pablo"
The Life of Pablo=132, 69 

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