Saturday, February 20, 2016

Blazers beat Warriors 2/19/16 Damian Lillard

So first off they lose because Lillard scores 51. How much more 51 can they code in the past few days? 
Warriors lose their 53rd game to the Trailblazers.
Trailblazers=53, 143.  
Portland=37, 100
2+19+16=37  Date 2/19/16. 
The total score of 105+137=242. 
Five=42 (Warriors lost 5 now)
137 the 33rd prime. 

Lillard=32, 68
He's the reason the Blazers won by 32 points. 
He scored "Fifty One"=100 Portland=100. 
Damian Lillard=56, 110 
This is interesting, I've started seeing this number with positive things lately. Before the Superbowl(Broncos 56th Season) I only saw it associated with bad things. 
Paris France=56
Paris Attacks=56
Osama Bin Laden-56
Adolf Hitler=56
Saddam Hussein=56
Damian Lamonte Ollie Lillard=243, 108
Portland Trailblazers=243
Trailblazers connected to 143 and 243 which makes me think about Earthquakes. I've previously mentioned the 143 and Earthquakes. Also Earthquakes and August 31st the 243rd day of the year. 
In regards to the 108 they give us the 1:48 video or 108 seconds. 

Lillard is even from Oakland, California where the Warriors Play so fitting he would beat them. 

I honestly don't think this is a sign of Warriors going fully downhill as the Thunder also lost tonight too. Just a planned loss. 
Going into tonight Warriors had 30 games left. 
Thirty=37, 100  Portland=37, 100 game was in Portland. 
Wardell=30 Curry wears  # 30 
Plus today being the 50th day it's fitting that Curry's team wouldn't win since he is connected to the Panthers who just lost Superbowl 50.   
82 Regular Season games.  "Eighty Two"=51
Funny too how I just mentioned the # 11 and Klay Thompson being # 11 drafted 11th in 2011. The Bulls are waiting for loss 11, and Jordan said it was ok for the Warriors to go for the the Record. 
This loss snapped an 11 game win Streak for the Warriors. 
Just like how # 11 Alex Smith in his 11th Season lost to the Patriots after winning 11 in a row.  
11th prime is 31 
Lots of 31 last year and this year around Warriors. 
I'm guessing if they beat the Bulls Streak it will be on a 11 game win streak as well,  lol probably with 9 losses too so it fits the 9/11. We will see. 

The 72-10 Bulls won their 53rd game on the 53rd day of the year. They beat "Atlanta Hawks"=32, 131. 32nd prime is 131.  
Bulls won by 5.  Maybe nothing but Hawks=32 like the Score that Warriors lost by. Bulls won by 5 and Warriors got 5th loss. 

The Bulls also beat the Warriors on their 57th game. Look at this crap. Warriors lose 31st game of Season on 3/1.  Oakland=31. 


  1. What Up Dan B? I'm really warming up to your blog these days :)

    I'm starting to get serious about the NBA as we start the 2nd half of the season. I'm pretty surprised you poo-poo'd a 32 point loss as nothing more then a tribute night for Lillard. I agree, the Lillard syncs are on point, but the bigger picture is indeed that the GSW run is over.

    This is the final season of OKC having Westbrook & Durant together....they may be rewarded w/ a Finals appearance, and another loss to Lebron - Cavs would beat OKC imho.

    I'm also very hot on the LA Clippers. Chris Paul's nickname is - CP Three =261. Damian Lillard =162 (Bacon method). LA Clippers =111, 666.....thats one step up from Damian Lillard =110, 660. Blake Griffin =100, 600.....also could be synced w/ Lillard.

    What needs to looked at is the addition of Austin Rivers to Doc Rivers team. More on the Rivers family back to the players: CP Three =75. Austin Rivers =175. Doc Rivers =113. DeAndre Jordan =113.
    Chris Paul =107 - Seventy One =144, and that again connect to - Austin Rivers =1404.

    You also mentioned Lillards 51 points. Austin Rivers =1050. Masonry =105, and I'd say there is definite Masonry at work here.

    Los Angeles =109. Rivers =91. Los Angeles Clippers =207, and 27/72 has been a special # combo this year.

    Just wanted to get my feet wet in the NBA. I'm not onboard w/ the Warriors this year, and def feel its the Clippers turn, or possibly the Thunder reps the West. Lastly, I can't find Michael Jordans exact quote giving his blessing - can you post the exact quote? Michael is a high ranking Mason, and I'm sure his quote is saturated in code.

  2. I barely even looked at this game or watched it. I was just noting some things I noticed. I'm not so convinced on the breaking the streak, but I think the Back to Back stuff in the All Star Week is for the Warriors. I think the Earthquake in Oklahoma might have just been for a Westbrook to win the All Star MVP again. Steve Kerr being on Bulls and winning with the Spurs I think is a big part of the Story. That's why the Spurs still have a chance at the Bulls Record as well. I'm gonna start paying more attention though, I'm not completely sold on any of it yet. Just noting some things I think are significant. Here's a link for Jordan saying "Go Ahead and Break the Record";_ylt=A0LEVx8nqMhWgFoAFx9XNyoA;_ylu=X3oDMTByMHZ0NG9yBGNvbG8DYmYxBHBvcwM3BHZ0aWQDBHNlYwNzcg--

  3. Your Steve Kerr point is a good one, and one I did not factor in. Your earthquake research has been more accurate then anybody else's....with emphasis on your east coast earthquake discoveries.

    So that Jordan quote is actually a Klay Thompson quote, and quite far from Jordan giving his blessing. I'm gonna start paying attention to the NBA - keep killin it Truthseeker!

    FYI - Doc Rivers =113, and he was born on 10/13. Thats our kind sync. Furthermore, he was born in '61 (President Obama =61), and is currently 54yrs old - just like Obama is 54.

    His full name - Glenn Anton Rivers =207. Los Angeles Clippers =207. This year has been saturated w/ 27/72 i.e. the SB was on 2/7.

    Ok, thats it for now....I'm hot on the Clipps!