Friday, February 19, 2016

Harper Lee dead age 89

I made a video on her about 6 months ago. I figured she would die before her next Bday being 89 like Queen Elizabeth II.  Go figure a person famous for a Civil Rights/Equal Rights Book dies during Black History Month. 

Of Course CNN gives us the 2:51 video. or 171 seconds. 
Harper Lee is from and dies in Monroeville, Alabama.
Monroeville,Alabama=171, 72
Notice the cover of her new book "Go Set a Watchman"? Just interesting it's the Train. I remember mentioning the Philadelphia Train Wreck and Movie Trainwreck as this book came out 3 days before the movie. 
Harper Lee=52, 88. 
To Kill a Mockingbird=86, 185
Go Set a Watchman=150, 51
Freddie=51  Gray=51
Antonin Scalia=51
Kanye West=51
Taylor Swift=51
Lee released "To Kill a Mockingbird" when she was 34 years old.
Previously mentioned all the 34 43 references in regards to Civil War.  Civil War=43  Lincoln=34 
Also won the Pulitzer prize in 1961.  Obama's Birth Year.  Also The Civil War began in 1861. 

Atticus Finch=52, 133
Three Hundred Six Score and Six=133, 313
Pope Francis is the Antichrist=133
Pope Francis becomes pope on 13/3/13 (March 13th 2013)
In Go Set a Watchman Atticus is actually Racist. 
Tom Robinson=55, 154 Robinson convicted in book despite the evidence. Then killed trying to escape prison. 
Nuclear Reactor=154
Denver Broncos=154
Levis Stadium=154
Plutonium Two Hundred Thirty Nine=154
Interesting Lincoln died on 15/4 or 4/15. 
The Fresh Prince=154  (Prince Charles)
Princess Camilla=154 (Charles' Wife)
The Force Awakens=154
 Scout Finch=118, 46   Lee born on 118th day of year. 
Jean Louise Finch=151  (# connecting to the 99's around assassinated presidents)  
Arthur Radley=151 (Boo Radley)
Jean Louise=111, 39 
In Go Set a Watchman she is visiting home from New York. 
New York=111, 39. 
Jem Finch=41, 68
I find this interesting because in Go Set a Watchman Jem is dead.
Barack Obama=68 

Lee helped Truman Capote for 4 years researching for his book. "In Cold Blood"=105, 51
The book was about the 1959 murders of Herbert Clutter and family.  Capote dies age 59.   The book is 343 pages.

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