Tuesday, February 16, 2016

11/22/63 TV Series and the Assassination of Obama

Wow so I just read this article on Yahoo about the TV Series 11.22.63 that came out yesterday. It's a show based on Stephen Kings Book of the Same name. I forgot all about this book in my previous posts about the assassination of Obama and the 99 connection. 
The book is about a guy who time travels in order to stop the assassination of JFK. The only problem is that every time he travels back in time, he has to start over 5 years before the assassination.  
So he always starts on 9/9/ 1958.  

Ninety Nine=57, 129  Nine Nine=48, 84
4/8 is the 99th day this year.  April Eighth=68  Barack Obama=68
XX=48  Superbowl 20 1985 Bears Coding. 
9/9/2015 to 4/8/2016 is 212 days. 
Obama assassinated=46 
Another weird thing about this TV Series is that it doesn't start on the 9/9/1958 date.  It starts on 10/21/1960. 

The real reason they started on 10/21/60 is because it's 55 Years to the day before Back to the Future Day. 

Another reason is the time Span. 

2 Years 1 months 12 days. 
2/12 can also be written as 12/2. 
11:58am is also 2 minutes till 12. 
Abe Lincoln born on 2/12. 
Obama Reopened Ford's Theatre on 2/12/2009. 
Remember the original year for the Book in 1958. 
Ford's Theater=58
Willard Hotel=58
Pennsylvania Ave is 5.8 miles long. 
Lincoln Shot with a Philadelphia Derringer.
Bif Tannen=85
Won all of his money on his 21st Bday. The 85th day of 1958. 
1958 is 58 years ago in 2016. 
Philadelphia Train Crash=212
The Manhattan Project=212
Kansas City Royals=212 (Won the WS 2015, 1985)
One Hundred Fourteen=212
10/21 to 2/12 is span of 114 days. 
Pearl Harbor=114
World War=114
Lebron James=114 (King James) King James I and VI died age 58. 
Prince Charles of Wales=212
John F Kennedy=131
Prince Charles=131 
Mayan Calendar said end of World on 12/21/12. 

Even more interesting the Date the TV series starts is 3 years 33 days before JFK was assassinated. 
I've previously mentioned the connections to Philadelphia. Philadelphia turned 333 years old in 2015 on Oct 27th.  
October 27th is also the Day Back to the Future Ends in 1985. Also Same Day Royals won the World Series in 1985. 
Also Same day the World Series began in 2015. 
Also interesting it's 1128 days.  November 28th=11/28 is the 333rd day of the year in 2016.  November 28th also has 33 days left in the year. 
1 month and 2 days into the year is Feb 2nd. or 2/2.  
In 2016 2/2 has 333 days left in the year and is 33rd day. 

I Also made this video a while back about this Book as I was reading it. In the Book the main Character is Jake Epping. When he goes back in Time though he changes his name to George Amberson. There's a movie from 1942 called the Magnificent Ambersons. The Guy Pictured above(Tim Holt) portrays "George Amberson" in that film. Look when he died...February 15th 1973. So he died exactly 43 days before they released the TV Series 11.22.63.   Note: 2/12 is the 43rd day. 

Orson Welles lost control of editing to RKO. 
RKO was founded by JFK's Father Joseph P Kennedy. 
Orson Welles=58  died on 10/10/ 1985. 

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