Thursday, February 25, 2016

Cleveland Cavaliers English Civil War Prince Charles Royal Family

I've made lot's of videos and a few posts about how the Royal Family is connected to many events including Sports. If Queen Elizabeth II dies then Prince Charles will become the new king. He will actually be King Charles III. King Charles I was king during the English Civil War and executed. His son Charles II was banished 9/3/1651 and came back as King on 5/29/1660.  Here's a link to a recent post regarding the Superbowl. 
Prince Charles Royal Family Superbowl World Series Other

We've been seeing a lot of the American Civil War theme, and the JFK/Civil Rights/Black Panthers theme, but the Civil War theme also goes with the English Civil War. 
Anyway I've been mentioning the NBA Finals I believe are going to be Warriors vs the Cavaliers again. 
Cleveland Cavaliers=168 
Queen Elizabeth II=168

I talked about this before, but I never fully put my brain around it. A Cavalier is what they called the Royalist Supporters of King Charles I in the English Civil War.  The other side was called Roundheads. 
So interesting Cleveland Cavaliers are connected to King Charles. 
The Royals lost the English Civil War.
However the Kansas City Royals won the World Series, but they were also coded to Pope Francis. The Cavaliers lost last year to the Warriors who were connected to Pope Francis. Superbowl 50, the Panthers had a lof of connections to the Royal Family.
The Broncos had connections to both Pope Francis and the Royal family. 
Broncos win Superbowl Fifty=122
Both Endzones painted Broncos=122
Pope Francis=122
Princess Camilla=154 (Prince Charles Wife)
Denver Broncos=154
Levi's Stadium=154
So who knows, just trying to piece this together in my head. 
Although the Cavaliers lost the English Civil War Charles II regained power in 1660. It was called "Restoration"
Oliver Cromwell=74
I still think Warriors are going to Win, especially if they beat the Bulls streak. I can't see them beating the streak and then losing the Back to Back. There's a lot to think about though. Cleveland has Lebron "King James" who was Charles I father also the KJV Bible Creator. Steph Curry connected to Carolina's named after Charles I like Michael Jordan. 
King James Died age 58
King James I=44, 98  
Lupercalia=44, 98

James was King of England for 22 years 3 days. 
James died in "Theobalds House"=154
June 2nd is the 154th day in 2016. It also has 212 days left. Numbers I've mentioned multiple times. 6/2 I brought back up in the previous Post in regards to Pope Francis/Queen Eliz/Obama's Cuba Trip. 
I'm more wondering about when Queen Elizabeth II dies, how long Prince Charles will be the new King. Or if he is going maybe die before she does?  
Anyway a whole lot more to look up tonight, pry add more to this as time goes on and I see how it keeps unfolding. 

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  1. Dan, you've got all the info there. Your conclusion was almost complete. I want to take your thought, and add my 2 cents.

    I've been working on the premise that Charles dies before Elizabeth, but Elizabeth will die soon after Charles, and we will have King William =120, 720. We know our 120's, but I think the 720 refers to the date of the SB, 2/7, and Von Miller = 720 - he was MVP of the SB - Manning =72, and the Denver coach Gary Kubiak =720.

    This year I have Pope Francis, Barack Obama, & Prince Charles all meeting their maker, and to round out the 4 horseman we had Scalia go down on Lupercalia, and that will play into the upcoming deaths - here's a mighty powerful link.....

    Antonin Scalia =404. Prince Charles =404. Pope Francis =404. Obama is mega connected to the #44. The Chosen One =404. The Chosen One =131. Prince Charles =131. Pope Francis I (the first) =131. Superbowl =131. John F Kennedy =131 (he's coded to Obama). Death Penalty =131.

    The 4 horseman die in 2016.....first Scalia, next Obama, then Charles, and at the end of the year Francis. And to bring it all back to the NBA - Your Cavaliers comments were totally on point. Cavalier =71, and Seventy One =144.

    Cleveland Cavaliers =168. Twenty Sixteen NBA Champs =1680.

    Lebron King James =155. King William =1055.