Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Book of Judges Barak Death of Antonin Scalia Earthquakes

I've talked a ton about Earthquakes. We even got a few earthquakes the other day in the news. Interesting when Antonin Scalia died the Media reported it as a "Seismic event". 
Now today we get this headline article on CNN about Syria. 

I can't find the picture of the Headline anymore, but when I was at work it was the Headline Article on CNN. It's still in the Article though. 
There's also something we are missing with this Judge story. I remember before the Michigan St. Vs Nebraska Football game this year I was talking about Judges from the Bible being a possible new Narrative the media is using. 

I had previously mentioned the Moses theme with Nebraska Cornhuskers and thought maybe they were moving on to the time after Moses involving the Judges and the Book of Law.  This story was about Barak Price, the brother of Mich St. Player Josiah Price. He has Cerebral Palsy and loves Football and his brother.  

Josiah wasn't a Judge but he re discovered the Book of the Law and tried to re establish the Law. 
Not much ever came about it though, or at least that I noticed until the Death of Scalia made me think about it again. 

The day before Espn put the article out about Barak Price, a Texas Judge was shot outside her home. 

It says November 9th but the Shooting was actually 3 days before on that Friday.

Julie Kocurek=51, 141
Antonin Scalia=51, 132

So they both Add to 51.
Interesting the stories were 99 days apart. Been mentioning the 99 connection to Obama's Assassination. Also sticks out because of the Barak Story.
Barak Price=48, 84. 
4/8 is the 99th day in 2016
Obama=84(Jewish) born on 8/4. 
The stories were also 14 weeks and 1 day apart. 
Julie Kocurek=141 
Baraks Army defeated Sisera. 
World War III=141  WWII ended will be 71 years ago in 2016.

Who knows still haven't figured it all out, but I have a feeling it's all related in some way. 

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