Saturday, February 20, 2016

Warriors odds of going 73-9 article on Espn FiveThirtyEight Article

Interesting it says 73-9 when they actually have the chance to finish with a better record.  Anyway 739 is the 131st prime number.  
131 has been big lately especially in regards to the Superbowl. It seems like a good thing, yet like I previously mentioned Steph Curry has the connections to the Panthers who lost in the Superbowl, but Michael Jordan is also connected to the Panthers and Charlotte. 
John F Kennedy=131
Bill Murray=131 (Space Jam/MJ connection)
Prince Charles=131
Islamic State=131
Bataclan Theatre=131

Also interesting the picture they show above is 30 and 23. 
Warriors just lost their 53rd game. Maybe a sign they won't beat the streak? 

This article also says Warriors have a 37 percent chance of hitting 73 or more.
Just funny with all the 12 and 21 coding.
12th prime is 37,  21st prime is 73. 
Made a previous post with a few 37, 73 around Klay Thompson and Steph Curry. 
Carolina=37, 73. 
The Article has a lot more interesting info, I don't have time to finish reading it right now. Figured I'd post a few pieces real quick.
Five Thirty Eight=92
Seventy Three and Nine=92 
Ninety Two=145, 46
Chicago, Illinois=145


  1. Seventy Three and Nine =227. We're hot for a target window of 2/27, possible Obama hit date. Did you catch my post on Obama's Popular Science appearance? Hella coded and he's wearing a watch set at 2:27. Obama Demise =227. Twenty-Two Divided By Seven =314. Just like 22/7=3.14

    We uncovered a gold mine today locking in that 22/7 date as something massive. Check our comments on Zach's latest MLK post. Keep up the good work my man!

    1. Three Point One Four =98/224. February Twenty-Seventh =98. Obama Killed in Pisces =98. Barack Obama Killed in Pisces =98. Obama Fake Death =224. Obama Killed Twenty Sixteen =2246. Two Two Seven =46.

  2. I just read it. Good stuff man. The Warriors also play the Thunder on 2/27 so guaranteed super coded game. I suspect Warriors will be going into the game 52-5, after beating the Magic on 2/25 or 25/2. 2/27 Gregorian is also Valentines Julian. Maybe a stretch but 2 27's (27+27=54) Obama's age and it's 207 days after his 54th bday. 22 weeks and 5 days before his 55th. The 522. Or also 5 months 8 days and 2/27 is also the 58th day.