Wednesday, February 17, 2016

CNN Article Princes Passport Photo Slays

Pretty Pointless article but I'm just noting it because it's the day after the reporting of Vanity's Death. Now they mention Prince again. The article is so pointless that It's only here to show us the word "Prince" again. 
They make sure to tell us he is 57 years old too. 
Denise Matthews=57 (Vanity) dies age 57. 

The 57th prime is 269.  This is an interesting number because as a date 26/9  is September 26th the 269th day. 
Fifty Seven=50, 131  Superbowl=131 
Five Seven=44, 107
Earthquake=44, 107  
Prince Charles=131
King Charles=107
Interesting too this article comes out on the 48th day of the year. 
48th prime is 223.  
Forty Eight=133
In light of me talking about Queen Elizabeth dying and Prince Charles becoming the new King the 223 is interesting. 
Especially considering Prince was born on 6/7. 
Blood Sacrifice=67
Prince Charles turned 67  on 11/14/15. 

Then this article even mentions "Slays". 
Not sure if they will Kill Prince or he is just coded for the upcoming death of Charles, but interesting. 
Passport Photo=198
One Hundred Ninety Eight=118
Death=118 (Jewish)  

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