Sunday, February 7, 2016

Coldplay singer Chris Martin Wears Batman Shirt on Late Night Show Karaoke Car Ride to San Francisco.

This video was about the lead singer of Coldplay hitchhiking a ride to the Superbowl. It's supposed to be a joke but for sure coded. 
Coldplay is playing the halftime show at SB 50. 
A few interesting things in this video.  
James Corden=107, 44
Earthquake=107, 44

If you look at my previous posts I've mentioned the Batman theme and the possible destruction at SB 50.  I've mentioned Earthquake as well, although I still think Earthquake is for East Coast and faking us out with San Francisco coding. 

At the End of this video, their car gets stolen. 
Stolen Car=35, 44, 107

Around 12 Minutes in the Video the guy driving even says they are trying to get pumped for San Francisco and clearly says. " We're Blowin up". The captions say it's rolling up, but if you listen the guy absolutely says Blowin Up. 

Chris Martin even named his 2nd Child Moses. 


  1. Oh boy. I think your right. East coast. Boston!!!! Look out if its not 2/7 then its 7/2im telling you. Remember that stupid song last summer by Maroon V ? This summers gonna hurt like a Mother Fucker. Well that was predictive programming for This Summer. When that songs a playing this summer its gonna make alot of sense im afraid. whats coming is shown in next months movie coming out called the Dead Pool. People are gonna be electrocuted byva water event. Something BIG is coming.

  2. Idk if it matters, but Chris Martin is close to best friends w/ JayZ & Beyonce - for what its worth??

    James Cordon =702, and thats very similar to the date of the SB, 2/7. The #'s 72/27 have been the Sun to this years Super Bowl Solar System. James Cordon also has the special initials - JC.

    What Would Jesus Do =3222.