Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Lex McAllister "The Bachelor" Contestant Dies age 31.

Lex=14, 41  She was on Season 14 of Bachelor. 
McAllister=40, 112   "Overdose"=40
Lex McAllister=153, 54
Drug Overdose=153, 63
Died in "Columbus, Ohio"=153, 54

Alexa McAllister=155, 56   
56 still rocking with these Deaths. 

The CNN Video also Zooms in on this picture. 

The video is also 1:39 or 99 Seconds. 
Mentioned 99 a lot lately. 
Notice it's a "Christmas"=38, 47, 56,110 Picture. 
They interviewed her friend "Dan Boots"
Just sticks out because of the lead singer of the Eagles of Death Metal.   "Boots Electric"=56
They finally played a show again on 2/13/16. Alexa McAllister also overdosed on 2/13/16 but didn't die until 2/16/16. 

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