Monday, February 1, 2016

Nothing But Thieves song "Trip Switch" Interesting Lyrics Blackout

As much as I've mentioned Blackouts and Earthquakes lately, a crazy thing happened today. The Power went out 2 times at my job. Not due to weather at all. I've been there 2 1/2 years and the Power has never went out. I just made a post last night about the California Power Outage. Who knows, just once again a Weird thing that happened to me.  I was even thinking of a guy I know who died in 2014 a few days ago at work. Instantly the next document I got had the address with his last name "Baldwin" in it. 
I laughed and said, Show me another sign in my thoughts and the next document I got was a Check with a Black Panther on it. If only I was making it up, but absolutely am not, it's tough to prove. OH well just felt like sharing. Anyway I heard this song on the Radio this morning as well. I've heard it before today, but just forgot about it. Thought I'd just look at the Gematria and the Lyrics and make a small post. 

Something to keep in mind...The Biggest Story of last year was the Paris Attacks.  Paris is known as the "City of Lights". 

Song is about What are we gonna do when the lights go out. 

Called "Trip Switch"=145, 55  
Chicago Bears=55  Chicago Illinois=145  
Nothing But Thieves=83, 218
Football=83  Lot's of other 38, 83 coding I've mentioned in previous post.  
Superbowl 50 even on 38th day of the year. 

Interesting this Album doesn't come out in the US until the Day Before SB 50 on 2/6/16. 2/6/16 is Queen Elizabeth II's 64th anniversary of being Queen. 

Also I just made a post about the Light switch in Back to the Future above the Denver Broncos Clock. The All Black Clock Flips the Switch.  A Trip Switch. 

A pretty strange video as well. He walks around in the woods with people wearing Sheets over their head. Ghosts or KKK? Who knows, but I'll be sure to keep notice of this band. 

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