Sunday, February 14, 2016

Russell Westbrook Zach Lavine Back To Back Wins at NBA All Star Week Kobe Bryant Tribute

Just Before the All Star Game today I made a video about Zach Lavine winning Back to Back Slam Dunk Contests. I had an idea that Westbrook may win Back to Back All Star Game MVP. Last year the Warriors were coded to Valentines day. They won 122 days after Valentines too. 
Golden State=122
San Francisco=122 (Oakland in Bay Area)
This mixed with Michael Jordan approving of the Warriors beating the 72-10 Chicago Bulls, I think is a sure sign of Back to Back Championships for the Warriors.  Jordan gave Klay Thompson the 3 point Challenge Winner his regards. 

The Warriors even have a .923 winning percentage going into All Star Week. The number connected to Pope Francis. He came to the United States on his 923rd day as Pope. Went the the Whitehouse at 9:23 on 9/23.  
Pope Francis=122
Also in regards to the X Theme and 24, 10.  The Warriors have won 24 Home games and 24 Road Games so far. 
They've played 52 games. 5/2 normally the 122nd day. 
52nd prime is 239 and we are in the 239th year of the United States. 

This All Star Game was a Tribute to Kobe Bryant. 
Interesting Paul George set a record with Nine 3 Pointers and had 41 points.  Westbrook had 41 points in last years All Star Game as well. 
Kobe Bryant=41, 113
Kobe announces his retirement in a letter called Dear Basketball.
Dear Basketball=41, 113
Kobe's 81 point game was on 1/22. The Lakers Scored 122 points.
Kobe 81 Rest of Team 41. 

Paul George born on 5/2 and is 25 even. Interesting he's also Palmdale California in Los Angeles County. 
George Even # 24 which I'll talk about again later on. It goes with the X Theme. 
Paul George=53, 107 
ALL Star Game=109, 37
Los Angeles=109 (Westbrook even from Long Beach in Los Angeles County) 
Remember Kobe Tore his achilles vs the Warriors and he came back in and made 2 free throws making the score 109-109 before he left the game. 

The only person to ever win Back To Back All Star Game MVP's. Was Bob Pettit.
Bob Pettit=109, 37

He was even born on 12/12. 
37 is the 12th prime number. 

Kobe even finishes with 10 points.
Ten=12  No coincidence. I just talked about how he is connected to this X theme. He wears # 24, now he scores 10 in a game tributed to him?
X=10(Roman Numerals...Score of SB 50)

If you go back and Watch The All Star Game tonight. The announcers talk about how Kobe scored 31 points in 2002, and 31 points in 2007. They don't say anything about the other 2 All Star Game MVP's he's won.  Then Westbrook wins the MVP with 31 points. 
Kobe won it 4 times. 

Interesting too that Bob Pettit won his first MVP in 1958. I just talked about the Earthquake in Oklahoma and the significance of 58 and 85 and 109 in Earthquakes. I even mentioned in my last post about Westbrook being connected to the Oklahoma Earthquake on 2/12. 
Paul George=107

Russell Westbrook=63, 234
Second Straight=63, 162

In the 2nd quarter Reggie Miller starts talking about Conspiracy Theorists and how Wilt Chamberlain never scored 100 points in a game. It's because there's no video footage of the game. Then they joke and say well Does that mean George Washington doesn't exist, or Abe Lincoln. Just a joke because they know all of this is a joke and rigged. 

They also took Kobe out of the game with 1:06 left in the 4th. 
The Espn puts up on their headline a 1:06 video even.

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  1. Just wanted to compliment your 122 Connects. Made alot of sense, and very powerful meaning to this reader. My take off your post is that it predicts Oklahoma City making it to the Finals, and very possibly winning it.....I think it will also tie into the OKC loss in the finals a few years ago to Lebron James (=923) and the Miami Heat.

    Oklahoma City Thunder =223. The NBA Finals =322. OKC Thunder =223 (Bacon). Thunder =90. Ninety =33. NBA Finals =33. Oklahoma City =133.

    Russell Westbrook =1404, and anytime a 144 pops up to me - thats confirmation of being on the correct path. Russell Westbrook =63. OKS =63. OKC =29. NBA Finals =209.

    Kevin Durant =139. Freemasonry =139. Durant =24. Masonry =42. Freemason =42.

    Russell Westbrook And Kevin Durant =392.....sorta like 239/923.

    In Pythagorean - Kevin Durant =49. Russell Westbrook =63. If we add 49+63 =112 - Mason =211.

    Oklahoma City Thunder =1119. OKC Thunder =119.

    My personal feeling is GSW will lose in the West Conf Finals to either LA Clips or OKC. Again - awesome post, and still lovin everything 122!