Thursday, February 4, 2016

Short list of 12's and 21's Connected to Panthers and Broncos.

I've just been talking about how there is something significant with 12 and 21. Been seeing this in multiple games College and Pro. 
21 I've noticed being a good number and 12 seems to be unfavorable. These are just off the top of my head. I know there are more, and I'll post when I have time to look at my notes...
Panthers are from North Carolina the 12th state.
Chicago Bears from Illinois the 21st State. 
Panthers are in their 21st season. 
Last Superbowl Panthers were in was SB 38 (12 Years ago). 
They lost to the Patriots 32-29. 
Carolina=37, 73   
12th prime number is 37  21st prime number is 73. 
Twenty One=42, 141
Interesting I've previously mentioned how the # 21 seems to be a winner and 12 a loser this year. 21 Fits with Black Panthers. 
Illinos became a state on 12/3 1818. 
1818 fits multiple things.  Manning # 18 in his 18th season. 
If Panthers win they will finish season 18-1.  
James Garfield shot on 7/2(2/7) 1881. Died on 9/19/1881. 
There is something special about his Assassination in this coding as well. He got shot a Train Station even. Lots of Train coding the past year. 
Denver lost in Superbowl 12 to Dallas 27-10. 
27+10=37   37 the 12th prime number. 
Denver lost in Superbowl 21 to Giants 39-20. 
49ers won Superbowl 29 that was 21 years ago. 
49ers won SB 29 with 49 points. Steve Young was leading rusher with 49 yards. 
Superbowl 50 is the 12th Superbowl played in California.
Kansas City Royals=212
Abe Lincoln born on 2/12. Which can also be written as 12/2. 
San Francisco=122   
Mayan Calendar said world would end on 12/21/12. 
The Manhattan Project=212
Seventy One Years=212
The Atomic Bombs dropped in 1945 it will be 71 years in 2016. 
Superbowl Fifty=71  2+7+20+16=45  
Philadelphia Train Crash=212
Charles Prince of Wales=212

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