Monday, February 1, 2016

North Carolina and Denver Deaths in recent media..Superbowl 50 Moses/Lincoln Freed the Slaves

Panthers from Charlotte, North Carolina, Broncos from Denver, Colorado. 
Interesting we are getting media stories about both places now. 

Go figure the video on CNN is 1:22.  
Superbowl in San Francisco. 
San Francisco=122

The Superbowl is rigged around race..The White Bronco vs the Black Panther.  This story of course gives us the Police Chief Robert White, in the city of the White Bronco. 

Colorado Motorcycle Expo=272  Superbowl played on 2/7 or 7/2. 
Motorcycle Expo=72  

The 38th annual expo. 
Colorado the 38th state
Colorado=38, 83
Manning born on 83rd day of the year.
Elway drafted in 83'. 
Superbowl 50 on 38th day of the year. 
This story happened on 1+30+20+16=67
3/8 normally the 67th day of the year.

Of Course she saw 50 men. It's coded to Superbowl 50. 
Britney Shaw=144   
Seventy One=144  
Levi's Stadium
Moses was in the Tribe of Levi.
Moses=71  12X12=144  12 Tribes of Israel. 
The Ten Commandments=71
Superbowl Fifty=71   

This story was about a Biker fight which reminds me of the Waco Texas Biker Fight in 2015. 

Can it get any more obvious? This Shooting was at Twin Peaks. Twin Peaks like the mountains, Denver and the Rocky Mountains. We just got the story of the Avalanche in the Canadian Rockies. 
Also happened on 5/17/2015.  
5/17/15 to Superbowl 50 is exactly 38 weeks. Also 266 days. 
Pope Francis the 266th Pope who went to the Whitehouse on the 266th day of the year. 
Pope Francis=122
San Francisco=122  
Both named after St. Francis of Assisi. 

Waco Texas=111  I've been mentioning the connections to 111 and the Queen Eliz II, but also 71 seconds is 1 minute 11 seconds. 
Superbowl Fifty=71 Golden Superbowl=71

Anyway now tonight we get the story of 2 Virginia Tech Students who killed a 13 year old North Carolina Girl. 

Virginia Tech=71
Today is 1/31 2016
Superbowl=131    Also the mirrors of 13 and 31. 
Interesting it was a 13 year old girl. 

Natalie M Keepers=64, 154
Levis Stadium=46, 154 
Denver Broncos=154
If Broncos win the Superbowl they will finish 15-4 this year. 

David E Eisenhauer=78, 150 lol can it get anymore ridiculous? Dwight D Eisenhower died age 78. He was the first president to begin his presidency on 1/20 instead of 3/4. He was the 34th president and the 43rd term president. This is all connected to the Civil War.  Lincoln born on 43rd day became president on 3/4, died exactly 4 years 3 months after Civil War began. Kansas became the 34th and last state to join the Union before the Civil War. Kansas became a state 34 days before 3/4 1861.  The 20th amendment changed a president from starting on 3/4 to 1/20.  1/20 to 3/4 is 43 days.  It lowered the "Lame Duck"=34
Civil War=43  Civil war began in "Charleston"=43  First death was in Maryland=34.  Lincoln=34 Assassination=34 
Red Sea=34
Golden Calf=43
Aries=34 (The Ram)
Moses and Lincoln both freed the Slaves. 

Dwight Eisenhauer=145, 73
Chicago Illinois=145 
He's even from Columbia, Maryland. Been mentioning the Columbia connection but not sure where it's leading. 

Of Course the girl murdered is from BLACKSburg. The last story had the White police Chief in Denver, now the North Carolina story about Blacksburg. Give me a break. 
Nicole Lovell=55  
Chicago Bears=55 
Nicole Madison Lovell=85   All about the 85' Bears. 

They find her body just inside Route 89.   
Queen Elizabeth II is 89 years old
Cam Newton born in 1989. 
Huey Newton founder of Black Panthers dies in 1989. 
1989 is 27 years ago even.   2/7 Superbowl 50. 

Denver Coliseum even on 46th st.  
Field Size even 122,000 square feet. 
San Francisco=122  
Humboldt Street=56 

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