Saturday, February 13, 2016

Oklahoma Earthquake First Day of Lupercalia 2/13/16

Oklahoma had the 2nd Worst Earthquake since 2011 Hit today February 13th 2016. 

It was a 5.1 magnitude on 2/13/2016

It occurred at 12:07 but CNN made sure to tell us it's 1:07 am ET. 
12:07     127th day is May 6th in 2016. 
5/6 May 6th.  127 is also the 31st prime number. 
The Most Powerful ever Oklahoma Earthquake in 2011 that was bigger was a 5.6 magnitude.  5.1+5.6=10.7 

With all the Chicago Bears Coding and the # 46. Also want to point out Oklahoma is the 46th state.  It became a state 98 years ago and is located on 98W. 

Cnn even gives us a 98 second video 1:38. 
Today is the first day of Lupercalia the Roman Festival Celebrating and Sacrificing the Wolf. 
Michigan Wolverines=98
Jim Harbaugh=98
Tom Brady=98  Became starter at Michigan in 1998. 
Brady Bunch=98
Snickers=98 (Remember the Brady Bunch Snickers commercial)

Michigan even upset Purdue today in Basketball.
Ha look Purdue had 56 points. 
Purdue= 31, 85  This loss made them 8-5 in Big Ten. 
Purdue Boilermakers=213  Just like the date 2/13. 
Michigan had 61. 
Sixty One=131, 41  
Superbowl=131, 41 
Michigan Wolverines=98, 206 
Purdue now has a 20-6 record even. 

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