Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Broncos Bus Crash of Course another Motorcycle story.

Interesting the Bus is Colored all Black....Maybe all the practice buses are?  
Buses Collide=45, 126 Chicago Bears=45  Superbowl(date Numerology of 45) 85' Bears won SB 20 on 1/26/ 1986. 
This is what it's like when buses collide=145  Chicago, Illinois=145
Sorry had to put that in there, was just thinking about Powerman 5000 and the Death of Wayne Statics Wife.(Similar Genre) 
Broncos Bus=38
Colorado=38, 38  The 38th State
Superbowl 50 on the 38th day of the year.
Manning born on 83rd day of the year.
Elway Drafted in 83
Broncos won their First Superbowl in their 38th season SB 32. 
Highway One Hundred One=223 
The Synagogue of Satan=223  Founded in San Fran. 
Skull and Crossbones=223
Philadelphia=101 (I'm still convinced a lot of this coding is to Philadelpia even though it's happening in other places)
Traffic Accident=122 
San Francisco=122  
Golden State=122

Thankfully Demarcus Ware let us know what was happening. 
Demarcus Ware=131, 50  Superbowl=131  Superbowl 50. 
"To keep the day interesting, we have a small wreck. Looks like everyone is OK though."=313, 808
Three Hundred Six Score and Six=313
Pope Francis=122 Became Pope on 3/13

How much more obvious can this get?  It involves a Motorcycle Police officer. Denver just had the shooting at the Motorcycle Expo. Just ridiculous. 

Going to their Hotel California.  
It's a lovely Place but haven't had that Wine(Spirit) since 1969. 
1969 The 50th NFL Season. 

Daniel Hill=86, 50
Sunnyvale California=221, 86

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