Sunday, January 31, 2016

Cam Newton Superman Christopher Reeve injured on a Horse.

During the Cardinals Vs Panthers game. Cam Newton dove into the Endzone and the announcers said he was Superman. Interesting with all the Batman V Superman connections. 

If Cam Newton is Superman in the story line, then my theory of him maybe being injured during or before SB 50 seems fitting. 
Christopher Reeve the original Superman became a Quadriplegic because of a Horse Accident.  Panthers Vs White Broncos....
Newton=91 He was even born in 1989 same year Founder of Black Panthers Huey P Newton was murdered. 
Carsten Charles Sebathia Jr=91 
Chicago Cubs=91
Chicago Bears=91
4/1 is the 91st day.  Skull and Bones=41,149 Superbowl=41 
Every President assassinated connected to Skull and Bones. 
Lincoln dies April Fifteenth=149 
McKinley dies 9/14 or 14/9.  September Fourteenth=91
Garfield dies on 9/19 (September nineteenth=91)
JFK Born on 149th day of the year. 
Obama Born on 8/4 with 149 remaining.  Much more to this....
Roseburg Shooting happened on Jimmy Carters 91st Bday on 10/1 with 91 days remaining in the year. 
Dean Jones...Herbie actor dies on 9/1. 
Pierson-El DeMornay=91(Injured Nebraska player)
Cameron Wake # 91 tore achilles this season. 
Vincent Roy Margera=91 (Don Vito Died this year)
You get the idea lots of elimination with 91. 
Mirror=91  Which is interesting though considering the Panthers season is somewhat of  a mirror to the 85' Bears.  

Christopher Reeve=95
Culpeper Virginia=95 (Where he got hurt on 5/27/95)
Also happened in 1995. 
Quadriplegic=122,68   San Francisco=122 
May Twenty Seventh=68 

Born in 1952 dies age 52.  5/2 is 122nd day. 

1995 is also the same year Michael Jordan came out of retirement for the 1st time. Jordan owns Charlotte Hornets is 52 years old.. 
1995 is also the the year of the Carolina Panthers 1st season in the NFL, first Regular season game on 9/3/95. 

Jordan's first game back was 3/19/95 to Panthers 1st game 9/3/95 is a span of 168 days.  Queen Elizabeth II=168  
Beyonce Knowles=168 She is performing at halftime SB 50 with Coldplay. 
Jordan also announced his comeback with the famous words "I'm Back"=39 
Christopher Reeve injury on 5/27/95 to Panthers 1st game is a span of 3 months 7 days.  
Also Panthers 1st game 9+3+95=107
Superman=107  Earthquake=107. 

Culpepeper Virginia also located on 38N 77W. 
Man of Steel=38 
1977 is 39 years ago.  
Charlotte=39(Panthers from Charlotte)

Interesting Motto for the town as well considering the Back to the Future Connections to Superbowl 50 as well. 

Christopher D'Olier Reeve=131  Superbowl=131 

Culpeper, Virginia reminds of Dante Culpepper a former Black QB in the NFL. He had a good season in 2004 and then got hurt in 2005 and was never as successful as he was previously. 
Interesting he got hurt on Oct 30, 2005 against the Panthers. He played for the Vikings and they lost 38 to 13. Panthers=38. Death=38  

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