Saturday, September 5, 2020

Derek's video about Zach and the connection to Charles Manson numbers-Houston

So now Derek makes a video in regards to Zach lol....Remember last year how I said a narrative was dividing the Gematria Truth Community and it was synced to 8/11...and 8/11 was important to the Julian Calendar....then on 8/24 Derek made a video about going to Anarchadelphia and thus starting a beef between him and Zach. 
8/24 Gregorian is of course 8/11 on the Julian...

Anyway, look at Derek's gematria...

Derek Tikkuri=194(FB), 282(FB) and 234(FB)

What are the odds that he has Charles Manson numbers...and also 234 being connected to the NBA stuff. 

Derek made this video 91 days after his birthday and 9 months 1 days before his next bday. 

Derek Michael J Tikkuri=203 and 95
Zach Hubbard=203
Zach born on the 203rd day of the year. 
Dan Behrendt=95
Daniel Edward Behrendt=95
Los Angeles Lakers=95
Houston Rockets=203

Zach and Derek's Drama-Andrew Luck Retires
Go back and review this video I made in regards to all of this. It was super important to HOUSTON and the retirement of Andrew Luck....I talked how I was feeling bad energy reminding me of 2016-2017 when Zach said the Colts would win the SB...then his house got crashed into/Umbrella symbolism stuff....The SB was held in Houston that year and so on....I then later thought the Rockets would win the NBA Finals synced to the Space Theme/Chyna Thomas....

This is what I have been saying all's not that there isn't a Cabal that are doing things, but I am looking at a bigger perspective with how we are all related in the mix of everything....even the happenings within the Gematria Truth Community are coded by this system...

The Cabal apsect is really interesting too because of the Umbrella symbolism this year. Remember the Umbrella symbolism began when Zach started All4Truth with the Umbrella logo, and then the Umbrella Man told him to watch out on Christmas Eve....

It's also interesting to note that Rambo pointed out the Umbrella is a symbol for Mind Control....has anyone noticed how Zach started saying the Freemasons are just under the Jesuit Umbrella lately too? I haven't been around much in the past few months, so maybe he is just saying that in relation to the Umbrella symbolism, but I've heard him say something of the sort multiple times in the last few months.. 

Now I'm not saying that Zach or Derek or anyone are part of the Cabal, but it's obvious all of this is supposed to happen...and it's happening by the exact pattern I am mentioning. I've been paying attention to this since the beginning, but I just don't feel the need to call anyone out unless I know for sure...and as I've said, these things happen to me on a daily basis...but I'd also be lying if I haven't found multiple things suspicious over the years either...

I'm just sort've looking at some things and I see that Christmas Eve is important to this as well...

Christmas Eve=194(FB), 282(FB), 234(FB)

Remember how Zach's crash happened after Enterthe5t4rz and Dahboo7 had similar things happen to them...They are buddies with Montagraph/Umbrella Man...
I used to follow Enterthe5t4rz well before I had even heard of Zach....


Enter the five t four r z=261

Maybe I should pay attention to him again. Remember he was important to Darren Daulton dying and the Houston Astros symbol being a STAR....He also had a backup channel called "If You Only Knew"...and Daulton's book was "If They Only Knew". 

If You Only Knew=195

It's funny too that Enterthe5t4rz was all about the number 88 back when I followed him and he was born on the 88th day of the his name in gematria sums to 88..
Casey James Brown=88
He still refuses to show gematria, and him and Zach had a beef a long time ago....
Oddly enough him and Zach's bdays are 8 months 8 days apart too. 


  1. September 3rd was exactly 194 weeks after All4truth launched

  2. I too have felt a different 'vibe' coming from Zach the last year or so. He seems to have quieted on the one group of people he used to rail against as the primary source of 'scripting', then softened his speech on the masons it seems like it's all about the Jesuits. Frankly, I don't know, and I don't care, the numbers are what they are regardless. I'm grateful for all in each piece of the puzzle they contribute, Ego, however is a bitch no matter who shows it out. It's evident, when it does. Which is unfortunate. Keep on being you.

  3. I won't lie, I was sort of looking forward to your interpretation of this. As you always say, it's all meant to happen - we would not be improving our understanding without any debate about what's happening.