Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Machine Gun Kelly disses Eminem with "Rap Devil"-Cleveland-Detroit

I've been seeing people post about this all day on Facebook. MGK released a diss track to Eminem. 
Right away all I could think about was what I have been documenting about with baseball..
MGK out of Cleveland and Eminem out of Detroit. 
The Indians are cursed by the Rocky Colavito Trade to Detroit. 
Notice this diss comes 1 month 14 days before Eminem's bday too. 
The 114th World Series. 
It's also interesting this story comes 44 days before Eminem's bday and his bday is the anniversary of the Loma Prieta Earthquake..

September 3rd also leaves 119 days in the year...
Eminem=119(Jewish), 31(rev red)
Marshall Mathers=93(Rev red)

You also have to appreciate that today is 9/3..
The diss song is called Rap Devil in reference to Eminem's song Rap God....Just think about that in regards to Hermeticism. 
God=10(rev red), 55(reverse), 17
Satan=10, 55
This diss comes after Eminem releases his 10th studio Album. 

The song was a response to Eminem's new song called "Not Alike". 
Not Alike=48(rev red), 87
Rap Devil=48(rev red, 87

MGK was supposed to be the opening Act for Linkin Park, but the tour was cancelled due to Chester Bennington's suicide. Remember how Chester's death was synced the Stoneman Douglas shooting that also had a big Cubs tribute. 

It's also interesting the criminal Machine Gun Kelly was born and died on 18/7. Eminem's bday is 187 days before MGK the rappers bday. 
It's also interesting the criminal was born in Memphis....Thinking about the Elvis Connection with Aretha Franklin dying on the same day he died. Also Rocky Colavito traded on Easter the same day Russwood Park burnt down in Memphis...

Think about how this guy was a Bootlegger and gangster as well..reminds us of the St. Valentines Day Massacre in Chicago. 

He died age 59..

I know there is more to this, but I keep falling asleep reading about it. 

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  1. Eminems responds with killshot. Calls himself the Billy goat.