Sunday, September 23, 2018

Addison Russell on Leave after Domestic Violence Allegations

All I can think about when seeing this story is that if he doesn't come back...we know how Daniel Murphy is going to fit in with the Cubs now. 
Couldn't be against a more perfect team too. 
Russell born on 1/23. 
White Sox=123
Of course "Addison Russell"=206
Chicago Cubs=206

I also find it interesting the White Sox got their 61st win of the season. 
Rocky Colavito=61, 169
Chicago White Sox=169
Detroit Tigers=169(Rocky Traded to)

Remember the day Rocky Colavito was traded the Indians played an exhibition game against the White Sox at RUSSwood Park. Then RUSSwood park burnt down later that night on Easter Sunday. That's why the Holy fire was important on 8/6. 

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  1. Addison Russell = 410.
    this story released 241 days after his 24th birthday.
    Major League Baseball World Series = 142.
    241 the 53rd prime. Los Angeles = 53.
    MLB World Series = 123. date of his bday.
    1/23 to 10/23 = 39 weeks/273 days or span of 274.
    Major League Baseball World Series = 309. 2473 Jewish Ordinal.

    seems like a good sign for Cubs chances for WS.