Thursday, September 6, 2018

Death of Burt Reynolds-Ralph Theme back again-Smokey and the Bandit Bootlegging to Atlanta-Texarkana and Elvis Pink Cadillac

Right away when I saw that Burt Reynolds died I thought of Smokey and the Bandit in regards to the Ralph Theme. 
Remember Jackie Gleason was the Sheriff in the film and his character in "The Honeymooners" is who the character Fred Flintstone is based off of. Also David Huddleston(Big Lebowski/Ralphs/King Ralph) was in Smokey and the Bandit. 
All of that stuff was important to my Uncle Barney who died before the Falcons lost in Super Bowl 51 and synchronicity showing me the Falcons to lose...

Remember Smokey and the Bandit is about bootlegging Coors to Atlanta. Thinking about Super Bowl 53 being held in Atlanta...
I never noticed until now that the film begins in Texarkana, Texas and they are bootlegging to Atlanta. Remember just the other day I talked about the reason they were using the Pink Cadillac's with Aretha Franklin is because Elvis had Pink Cadillac's. One started on fired between Hope and Texarkana, Texas and the other wrecked in Texarkana, Arkansas. 
Texarkana is a Twin City that is located in Texas and Arkansas. 
Earlier this year I was talking about the Super Bowl being in the Twin Cities and Jackie Gleason also being "Minnesota Fats"..

Remember Kaepernick's final game in 2015 on 11/8(Bridgewater stuff) was also against Atlanta.

Smokey and the Bandit=82
Reynolds dies age 82. 

His death comes on 9/6..
Burton Leon Reynolds Jr=96
2/11...the 42nd day....also the 47th prime...
Freemason=42, 96
Freemason compass set at 47 degrees and so on...
In regards to the above he also dies 158 days after his bday. 
Freemasonry=158(rev red)

Maybe I pointed this out before, but I'm seeing it again that Jackie Gleason died on 6/24.....624 the big special number I have been documenting all Summer.
John Gleason=911(Jewish)
John Herbert Gleason=196
Ellie Ruth Murphy=196
Remember my grandma was from Flintstone, Georgia which is just outside of Chattanooga where Ralphie May was from. 
Chattanooga, Tennessee=911(satanic)
The Flinstones 2nd film they went to Las Vegas...

Chattanooga is a place I've been watching for something significant. Remember Eminem called out Donald Trump at Jackie Gleason Theater that opened on 10/1(Vegas Shooting)....Ralphie May dies in Vegas after the Vegas Shooting...Kaepernick went to College in Reno...Trump rushed off the stage in Reno then Janet Reno dies....Reno 911 had 88 episodes....
John Herbert Gleason=88=Colin Kaepernick=Trump and so on...

King Ralph Aka John Goodman(The Conners/Roseanne) is someone to watch for as well...

The Honeymooners=82, 206(reverse)
How interesting as it was connected to my Uncle Barney who died in connection to the Cubs winning in 2016. 
Chicago Cubs=206
Chicago Illinois=82

I'm gonna have to find that show and watch it...been saying that forever...but it has help piece it together...

Also I forgot that originally the Flintstones were called the "FLAGstones". 

Wish I could look more, but of course I have to go to work...yay!


  1. Burt has the "Moore" connection too. He was in "Boogie Nights" with actress Julianne Moore. Which then connects to The Big Lebowski and John Goodman. Thanks.

  2. This is crazy man. I had an audible dream this morning. I could hear "I second that emotion" playing. It's a song by Smokey Robinson and the Miracles. I had to look it up. I didn't know that before today. But I was talking to Rambo earlier and he said he was working on a decode for that Nurse in Chattanooga who passed out after getting the vaccine. I was thinking about my dream and maybe possibly something to do with the smoky mountains which is where dolly parton is from. They tell us she helped fund the vaccines. Right now Tennessee has the highest infection rate in the world. As a matter of fact the last I checked my county is number 1. I live in "McMinnville" = 666 ext. But anyways so I thought to search your blog for Smokey and here you are talking about Chattanooga.

    Bobby Allen Simpson = 911 Jewish

  3. Smokey and Pope born 3 years 2 months and 2 days apart. I second that emotion released the day Smokey turned 322 calendar months old.