Friday, September 7, 2018

Eagles beat the Falcons 18 to 12-War of 1812-Francis Got Key

I didn't get to watch any of the opening NFL game, but just looking at the score makes me laugh. Think about how all of the recent stuff has been about the Flag and the War of 1812. 
The Eagles where the Flag was sewn. 
Falcons where SB 53 will be...
The Eagles win 18 to 12...1812. 

Have to love the Espn photo too showing us a 99 and this game opens up the 99th season of the NFL. 
I never noticed that Nick Foles was the 88th pick in the draft until now either. 
Colin Kaepernick=88
The Star Spangled Banner=88 
So on...
I'm interested seeing he played High School in Austin, Texas too. 
This comes on the same day Alex Jones gets kicked off of Twitter. 

It just reminds of "False FLAG". 

Francis Got Key...
Donald J. Trump=1189(Jewish) born on Flag Day. 
Pope Francis' 1189th day as Pope was Trump's bday in the 239th year of the US. 
Key of David=1189(Jewish)
1,189 chapters in the KJV

I only mention this because I got an email yesterday of spam on my Keion Carpenter post from 2017...Remember he was the ex Falcon who died the day after I talked about how Francis Scott Key sounds similar to Francis Got Key...but Jesus is supposed to have the Key....then we got the death of Keion Carpenter reminding us of Jesus the Carpenter. 


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  2. At times I am baffled by some of this stuff. My Junior High School was 117 Francis Scott Key.

    "Jesus The Carpenter"=99(Reverse Full Red.)

    "Jesus Christ Of Nazareth"=1812(Reverse English Sumerian)

    "Jesus Of Nazareth"=713(Satanic)
    "Francis Scott Key"=713(Satanic)
    "Seven Hundred Thirteen"=1812(Reverse English Sumerian)

    "Christ Died On The Cross"=117(Jewish Red.)

  3. Just looked a little more into 1812 because when explaining to my dad about the number 26 in the eagles game he brought up the score in relation to the overture of 1812. Which was something like a Russian national anthem. And remember how you say it’s about merging the number and letter with the sound. A literal piece of instrumentation with these numbers on it relates to all the treason stuff going on with Trump and Putin. And all this nationalist bullshit. The real kicker is this overture is commonly set to fireworks displays on America’s Independence Day.

    Moscow equals 88 as does Trump and Traitor.

    Super Bowl =112, 131 = French invasion of Russia.
    Eighteen twelve overture =112

    Didn’t france just win the World Cup in Russia?

    1. I posted that info on zach’s Blog too but the reason why you had to post it here is because he overture was written by Tchaikovsky. Like Chi-Kovs-key. Just a thought.