Saturday, September 22, 2018

CeeLo Green peformed at Super Bowl 46 with Madonna-Danger Mouse interview with Charlie Rose more Charles Manson connections

I was just looking at Cee Lo Green again to figure out more of the riddle. I see he did perform at a Super Bowl already. It was Super Bowl 46 with Madonna. 
This however was the Super Bowl just before Whitney Houston died. 
Also remember how Aretha Franklin died on Madonna's bday and Madonna did the tribute to Aretha at the VMA's this year. 
Notice this Super Bowl was played in Indianpolis and the day they announced Maroon 5 as the halftime show this year was just before they played a show in Indianapolis. 
Also how fitting Ceelo would be at SB 46. 
CeeLo Green=46
Thomas Callaway=46
Cee Lo's wikipedia is full of interesting things as well. If you look it up on Yahoo it shows him being 44 years old. Now it says he is only 43 years old on the actual page. 
Also at the top it says his last name is Callaway....this is also what IMDB says, but under the main picture it says his last name is "Burton". Burton is the last name of Danger Mouse who in Gnarls Barkley with Cee Lo. 
Also on June 27th this year someone changed his wikipedia showing that Cee Lo died on June 26th 2018. 
Danger Mouse also did a rare interview with Charlie Rose? 
So he gets famous for mixing the Black Album with the White Album(Charles Manson/Helter Skelter)...
Remember Charlie Rose also did the famous interview with Charles Manson. Then just after Manson died Charlie Rose got accused of being a sexual predator. 

I think the Danger Mouse guy is for sure someone to watch for sure this year. 


  1. Interesting Post! CeeLo has "53" coded in his birthday (May 30th, 5/30, 53). May 30th is the "150th" day of the year, leaving 215 days remaining. Also, he was accused of Sexual Battery/Assault in 2012 (212), the same year Whitney Houston died.

    "Thomas DeCarlo Burton"=212(Jewish Ordinal)

    "Entertainment"=150(Jewish Ordinal)
    "Christ Crucified"=150(Jewish Ordinal)
    "Ancient Scottish Rite Freemasons"=150(Jewish Red.)
    "Crucified"=150(ALW Kabbalah)

    The day they claimed he died, June 26, 2018 has a sum of "77"(7 x 7= 49) and coincides with Superbowl 53 being the 49th Modern Era NFL Championship and Rosicrucianism (53 + 49 = 102).
    "Superbowl 53"=49(Full Red.)
    "Cee Lo Green"=49(Jewish Red.)
    "Judaism"=49(Reverse Full Red.)
    "Thomas Burton"=49(2 Ciphers)

    "Slavery"=102(English Ordinal)
    "Crucifix"=1020(102)(English Ext.)
    "Jewish Mysticism"=102(Reverse Single Red.)
    The divisors of "102" sum to "216" and "666", 6x6x6=216 and "216" is Cleveland's Area Code
    "Whitney Houston"=216(English Ordinal)

    "Scottish Freemason"=666(Primes)
    "The Black Boule"=666(English Ext.)

    The 102nd Prime is "557"
    "Rosicrucian"=557(Reverse Primes)

    "June 26, 2018"=77(Reverse Ordinal)
    "Atlanta, GA"=77(English Ordinal)
    "Judaism"=77(English Ordinal)
    "Rosicrucian"=77(Reverse Full Red.)
    "Secret Society"=77(Reverse Full Red.)
    "Thomas DeCarlo Burton"=77(Jewish Red.)
    "Superbowl LIII"=77(Jewish Red.)

    "BURTON" was the 1st name of the Actor Burt Reynolds: "Burton Leon Reynolds Jr.
    "Burton Leon Reynolds Jr."=96(Full Red.)
    "Jewish Mysticism"=96(Jewish Mysticism)
    "Freemason"=96(English Ordinal)
    Reynolds died on September 6th or 9/6, "96" at he age of "82"
    "Eighty-Two"=666(Reverse English Sumerian)

  2. Correction: "Jewish Mysticism"=96(Jewish Red.)