Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Big & Rich singer John Rich goes on Twitter Tirade of Nike and Colin Kaepernick

Notice his bday of 1/7...
National Anthem=147

This comes 239 days after his bday...Also 4 months 4 days before his bday and he's 44 years old. 
Kaepernick story began on the 239th day of 2016. 
Trump calls out the NFL in the media on 23/9. 
Flag Sewn at 239 Arch Street in Philadelphia who goes on to win Super Bowl 52. 
52nd prime is 239. 

Nice how Wiki tells us he supported McCain and performed at his 9/3 National Convention.....Also how he originally supported Rand Paul who was born on 1/7 too. His song "Shuttin Down Detroit" was featured in Paul's campaign announcement on 4/7...
Trump=47 and so on..
He then supported Trump and played a ceremony for him on 1/19. 
The Star Spangled Banner=119

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