Sunday, September 30, 2018

Pirates and Reds Tie/10 Innings when the Brewers and Cubs both had 10 Runs-1982 World Series BEER Rivalry

How interesting the Pirates played the Reds today and it went to 10 innings. So there was a "Tie" you could say. 
They went to 10 innings with a score of 5-5=10. 
The game finished when the Brewers had 10 Runs and the Cubs had 10 Runs....just after the game finished the Brewers scored an 11th run. 
Remember the Cubs TIED Pittsburgh in 2016 the same day as the Hoboken Trainwreck that injured 114 people. Hoboken where the first baseball game played....then Cubs went on to win the WS with 114 wins in their 114th season called the Cubs. 
The previous Tie before that was the REDS vs the Astros that was 114 days before the World Series in 2005. The Astros then lost the WS to the White Sox. 
Also remember my Uncle Barney(Cubs fan) died on 1/14 after the Cubs won and he took his wife to the Reds vs Cubs game in 2005 on 8/8. 
Curse of the Billy Goat=88
So on...

Chicago Illinois=145

Is it not interesting too the Brewers played Detroit to end the season? Detroit the team that the Cubs and Indians both cursed in connection to. 
Plus Harvey Kuenn being the Manager of Milwaukee with Harvey's Wallbangers. 
Also the Braves being from Milwaukee before moving to Atlanta. The Indians beat the Boston Braves in 1948 the last time they won the World Series. 

Milwaukee had 95 regular season wins that year as well. 

Notice the Brewers lost to the Cardinals the only time they made the WS too with Harvey Kuenn. 
It talks about St. Louis and Milwaukee having a rivalry with BEER too. oh the odds. 

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