Sunday, September 16, 2018

Indians clinch division over the Tigers 15-0-NFL 2 Ties in a season and the Indians connections

Indians clinch the Division on their 148th game of the season with a score of 15-0 against the Detroit Tigers during their 148th game. 
Cleveland Indians=148
World Series=150
The Indians cursed by the trade of Rocky Colavito to the Detroit Tigers. 

Notice they clinched the divison 83 days after 6/24 getting their 83rd win of the season too. 
Remember how they beat the Red Sox 8-3 in the one game playoff in 1948 too. 
Detroit Tigers=624(satanic) and 83(rev red)
Rocky Colavito=624(satanic)
The Indians won 12-2 on 6/24 over the Tigers this year too. 
It was a span of 122 days before the World Series begins. 

Also notice how 83 days is 2 months 22 days...
Rocky Colavito born on the 222nd day. 
Cleveland in it's 222nd year of being founded. 

Another thing to note with the Indians/Cubs stuff is that there was a 2nd Tie this year in the NFL today. 
Remember in 2016 there were 2 ties in the NFL and the Indians played the Cubs in the World Series that went to 7 games and was Tied going to extra innings before the Cubs won. Plus all the Tie stuff I documented with the Cubs and the number 114.....This year is the 114th World Series. Plus the last time before 2016 with 2 ties was in 1997 when the Indians lost in 7 games in the World Series. The Dolphins vs Bears Game even got moved to a Monday night because of it and that game went to OT 33 to 33. 
2 Ties in NFL 2016-Dolphins vs Bengals Same Day as Hoboken Train Wreck
Keep in mind as well that I grew up a Dolphins fan and my best friends favorite team is the Bengals...His favorite MLB team is the Indians too....growing up I was always an Atlanta Braves fan as they were good and always on our basic cable. I really quit watching baseball though sometime after the strike and when I quit baseball in high school in 1998 or 1999. 
But still how funny the last time the Indians won was over the Boston Braves. 

What's interesting too is that the first NFL tie this year happened on 9/9 with the CLEVELAND Browns and the Pittsburgh Steelers. 
Notice on this day the Cubs game was postponed....also the Pittsburgh Pirates game was postponed. 
In 2016 the Cubs tied the Pirates the same day we got the Hoboken Train wreck with 114 people injured. The previous tie in the MLB was in 2005 when the Astros tied the Reds 114 days before they made the World Series. 
The Cubs won the World Series getting their 114th win of the season in their 114th season being called the Cubs. 
Terry Francona became 11-4 coaching the World Series. 
My Uncle Barney who was a Cubs fan and went to a game on 8/8 in 2005 against the Reds died on 1/14 just after the Cubs won. 
Curse of the Billy Goat=88
My neighbor who was also a huge Cubs fan died and the girl who moved in to the house has a 11/4 bday. 

Trying to figure out why this new tie was with the Vikings and Packers...
The Packers were the original team Kaepernick took a knee against...
Tie=34 and 139(satanic)
34th prime is 139. 
Green Bay=139
Green Bay Packers=150=World Series

Checked my Facebook and I had this message about the ties as well. Possibly we will get more than 2 ties in the NFL this year, but if it stands it's pretty interesting the Indians have made the World Series and lost 2 of the only 3 times there have been 2 ties in the same year. The other time was in 1986 that was when the Mets won the WS. See previous posts on the connections to Daniel Murphy/The Mets/Cubs/National Anthem and more. The riddle is clear and I think it's for the the Indians, but the riddle is for sure connected to the Red Sox as well. 
One of the previous Posts

Notice the Red Sox even beat the Mets today too. 
The 1986 World Series was also the 83rd World Series. 
Also after todays games the Braves and the Indians are the only teams with 83 wins....

Remember too how 2016 was the year Kaepernick first took a knee and the Super Bowl of the Falcons vs Patriots was the first tie to ever happen in a Super Bowl as well. 
The Patriots won in overtime with 34 points. 
Indians=34 What else is interesting is that all of the years there were 2 Ties in the NFL the World Series went to 7 games. 

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  1. "Two ties" = *666* (English Sumerian)
    6×6×6 = *216*
    Game 7 of the *2016* World Series finished *8-7*
    "Six six six" = *87* (Reverse Ordinal)
    Stoneman Douglas shooting was 66 weeks, 6 days after Game 7 ended