Friday, September 14, 2018

Bengals beat Ravens with 34 points-CNN Story of William McRaven resigning-Anniversary of the Battle of Baltimore

I caught part of the 2nd half of the game tonight. 
Funny how the Bengals win with 34 points. 
Ravens=34=Joe Flacco who will be 34 years old this year. 
Ravens have only won 2 superbowls both with 34 points. 
SB 47 was on the 34th day of the year. The Power went out for 34 minutes when the total score was 34 points, and then won with 34 points and so on...
That super bowl was against Kaepernick and the 49ers. 

Tonight's game even comes during the 204th anniversary of the Battle of Baltimore in which the Star Spangled Banner was written. 
I saw on Zach's blog that Bengals coach Marvin Lewis also has the 23/9(Sept. 23rd) bday like Ravens coach John Harbaugh. 
Bengals are also a CAT....reminding me of David Katz..
Also think about the Bengals and the only Super Bowls they have been in were losses to the 49ers..(1981, and 1988). 
It seemed as though the announcers were talking about John Brown of the Baltimore Ravens a lot as well. All I can think about in regards to his name is the abolitionist John Brown from Harper's Ferry Raid. Fitting for the racial theme. 
The Bengals also founded by Paul BROWN who used to own the Cleveland Browns...

I just went to CNN to see the headlines and look at the Top Story in the right....McRAVEN resigned from Pentagon 

William McRaven=88(rev red), 223
The Star Spangled Banner=88, 223
Colin Kaepernick=88
War of Eighteen Twelve=223
So on..

McRaven is credited with overseeing and executing operation Neptune Spear which killed Osama Bin Laden. 

This story comes 54 days before McRaven's bday..also 1 month 24 days. 
Pentagon=124....he resigned from...
Also remember Osama bin Laden died age 54 and 54 days(end date) after his bday. 
McRaven also born on the 310th day of the year...Osama Bin Laden born on 3/10...

He resigned from the Pentagon's Defense Inovation Board. 
Defense Innovation Board=231
National Anthem=231
Baltimore Ravens=231

He actually resigned 78 days ago on 8/20...
National Anthem=78(rev red)

This means he resigned 9 months 14 days after his bday as well.. 
9/14 the day Francis Scott Key wrote the National anthem. 

McRaven's father briefly played in the NFL too....He played for the Cleveland RAMS. 
Notice his bday of 2/23 as well. 
Rams=231(eng ext)

As I'm sitting here thinking about Osama Bin Laden dying on 5/2 in the year 11' it reminds me of the New World Order. 
NWO=11(rev red), 52
Bush's NWO speech 11 years before 9/11/2001..
11th state with buildings that look like an 11...with AA:11 hitting them first on the 11th day and so on..

McRaven the 9th of 11 in Special Operations Command..

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  1. Excellent post. The only thing I would add is that 34 was significant to yesterday's date
    September 13th written 13/9
    139 the 34th prime number