Friday, September 7, 2018

Nate Boyer the Green Beret who told Kaepernick to Kneel

I keep seeing stuff about the green beret who told Kaepernick it was ok to kneel. His name is Nate Boyer. 
Notice he was # 48 for the Seattle Seahawks too. 
Nate Boyer=48(rev red), 138(reverse)
Seahawks=48(rev red)
The only Super Bowl the Seahawks have won was Super Bowl 48. 
San Francisco Forty Niners=138(rev red)
The last game Kaepernick played in his career was against the Seahawks and the 49ers lost 23-25=48. 

The 48th prime number is 223. 
The Star Spangled Banner=223
War of Eighteen Twelve=223

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